princedesoies: Took years to understand &…


Took years to understand & find words & colors they could wear proudly

Honestly I’ve been uncertain about Jul’s gender from the VERY begining, I
didn’t know what was his agab or gender, once I had settled for one I
kept wanting to change it. This was before I even realised I was NB, so I
didn’t know. I ended up going for male, but still unsure.

Now I know… most of the time he goes for masc pronouns bc he’s used to
it, but Jul doesn’t actually care abt that. Living w & looking at
Dri helped him understand many things abt himself. 

As for Dri well… we had the same gender route & that was quite a
ride, but now we’re both pretty certain & confident about our gender
& our favorite colors.

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