I’m biromantic asexual and scared to tel…

I’m biromantic asexual and scared to tell my family; dad is very conservative, mum is a hardcore Catholic and my sister just thinks I’m weird an embarrassing in general. Any advice for me, ladies? Love your blog btw

I’d bring up the topic in a more general way first. Maybe talk about a show or a book that has an ace or a bi or just any queer character and mention that character. Or you could say you read an article about different sexual identities, see how they react to that. If they’re hardcore against it, it’ll probably show.

Don’t come out to them if you’re not sure that you will be safe! If there’s any chance that they might emotionally or physically abuse you, don’t come out, especially not if you still live with them (and it sounds like you are). You can try and change their mind, while remaining safe in the closet (might have the best shot at your sister with that). Or you can come out to them, once you’re independent, and they can’t hurt you much anymore.

You might decide that one of them is safe and the others aren’t. In that case make sure, that that person will not tell the others, before you tell them. A promise might not be enough, you need to be really sure.

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is that you stay safe! There’s no shame in being in the closet, you do not owe anyone that information, especially not if it might endanger you in any way at all.

 – Mod Fiona