Just wanted to share some thoughts, what with …

Just wanted to share some thoughts, what with all the ace/aro discourse peaking this month that one attempt at excluding ace/aro people is that they don’t experience the same discrimination as other orientations. But that just makes Pride sound like some huge pity party that they would sooner include allies in than actual nonheteronormative people. And also ace/aro people can be in platonic relationships that aren’t heteronormative so they can be visibly discriminated against too.

You’re completely right, anon. I always thought that argument was ridiculous. What because I don’t face the same discrimination, I’m not lgbtq+? Cool, in that case me being white should already exclude me. Also I’m cis, so that makes me priviliged too right? Why don’t all men just leave, they are clearly way more priviliged, than a black lesbian trans woman.

Ace people are definitely discriminated against. Not just because they might be homo or bi or panromantic, or because they might be genderqueer in some way. Cis, heteroromantic aces are still discriminated against, because while having sex is dirty, not having sex is apparently also wrong. Abstince is only good, if you don’t like being abstinent. Because that makes so much sense.

But honestly just how much we’re discriminated against, should NEVER be the qualifier for whether we are queer or not. We’re queer because we are not cisgender, heterosexual AND heteroromantic.

We should stick together. All queer people are discriminated against in one way or another, but we’re also all very different. We can play pain olympics all day, but that won’t actually get us anywhere.

 – Mod Fiona