July ‘18 Carnival of Aces Roundup: Then and No…


*My computer quit as I was three-quarters of the way through this post, so please excuse any remaining bitterness that slips through. It’s my computer being an asshole and making me completely restart even though I had the post copied on my clipboard, not any of the wonderful participants.

I hosted the July 2017 Carnival of Aces (hosted by @asexualagendablog) with the theme Then & Now.

For anyone who missed it, a blogging carnival is a blogging event where bloggers chime in and all blog about the same subject. The Carnival of Aces is a monthly blogging carnival with topics revolving around asexuality. If anyone wants to host, it’s pretty easy and doesn’t take up much time! It’s easier to come up with a theme than you may think. You can sign up over at asexualagenda on wordpress! Just leave your name/blog link and the month you want to host in the comments! Volunteers always welcome.

Without any further ado, let’s see what people blogged about this November for “Then and Now”!


@mobydickbutt wrote about their personal journey and relationship with asexuality and coming out, as well as asexuality in media.

@demiandproud poignantly talked about their own sense of pride, coming out, and representation.

@thenoteswhichdonotfit shared their growth into ace seniority, what this means, and if it should really be a tangible concept.

@the-wandering-avarian discussed their personal perspective in watching the ace community change over time due to both inside and outside impacts.

Coyote on @theacetheist noted the change in online platforms for the ace community over the years and personal reasons for these changes.

@historicallyace expertly detailed the language of discourse over time and the conversations and events that would be healthier to give more attention to.

@acubedblog told of how time could personally make a difference in sense of identity and coming out. TW: ableist language

@Satsuma gave a nice breakdown of the history of asexual visibility/platforming and representation in media.

Perfect Number on @tellmewhytheworldisweird conveyed her story on how Christianity can impact one’s view of asexuality and inhibit self-acceptance.

@thearoacesafespace reported how asexual visibility, representation, and platforms have grown over the years.

Isaac on @heterogen imparted their view on how the ace community in Spain has grown.

@controlledabandon recounted their journey of questioning, doubting, and identifying their sexuality in timeline fashion.

@rotten-zucchinis relayed the discursive language of asexuality and how things change, the more they stay the same.

And, finally, I posted about exclusionism over the years from an unnamed attack to a named front, as well as the difficulty of coming out after so many years of pride.

Thank you everyone so much for participating! It was sad to see so many similar themes of “same old, same old” but great to be reminded of the positive steps forward we have managed to take.