Ok, there's something about the ace commu…

Ok, there's something about the ace community that has been confusing me for a while now (I am a bi ace.) I get not understanding how friends feel when they talk about sexual or romantic attraction, but why is it like a running joke here to laugh about friends asking for help with relationships and then the "ace friend" just makes some witty remark like "wouldn't know, wouldn't care"? I know that ace people can't relate, but you can still use critical thinking skills and give them advice?

Tbh, I personally haven´t heard of this kinda running gag but I think it´s unnecessary and mean, besides aces also have relationships?? I wouldn´t go as far and say the whole community says stuff like that but some most likely definitally

If you encounter it say something about it, we will not reblog such jokes or at least I wont since I deem them inappropriate and unnecessarily mean. I do hope tho that people don´t blame people for advice if they are aro/ace, if they asked for that advice

– Mod Paula