write aromantics who are loving and kind and bubbly

write aromantics who are closed off and cold but have the closest and strongest relationships ever with their family members and who by the end of the story has a new best friend who knows the aromantic loves them without them ever speaking of it

write aromantics who flirt and dress attractive/beautiful/sexy

write aromantics who do fall to the sirens because the sirens have the season 6 draft of their favorite show that was canceled three years ago on season 5

write aromantics who aren’t asexual and do sleep around but who have an actual personality and no one would ever call them a player/whore/fuckboy

write aromantics who are leaders and love their team/crew/kingdom, who dont mind sharing power but wouldn’t even entrain the idea of a marriage for a second

write aromantics who are insecure and fear what the future will bring them, and then write them a happy ending

write aromantics that are given love potions and remain unaffected

write aromantics who end up living out the rest of their days with a friend who, despite being allo, never ended up with someone

write aromantics who scoff at the idea of love, who believe love is fake and societies’ tool

write aromantics who read romance and love romcoms and imagines their wedding but would never wish to be romantically involved with someone and is completely okay with that

write aromantics who are scared to do things on their own, like going to the movies or to a restaurant, because those are group functions and they quickly got uncomfortable after hearing “is it just you or are we still waiting for someone?” every time they go somewhere without company

write aromantics who are loving parents, the cool aunts and uncles

write aromantics who tackle True LoveTM so fast because they know who they love and care about

write aromantics who freak out when they get saddled with a True LoveTM curse and in the end learn about all the different kinds of love

Write brave, write strong, write petty, write sinister, write lovely, write caring, write gorgeous, write confused, write sure, write weak, write dangerous, write wise, write sad, write happy, write young, write old, write fantasy, write sci-fi, write extroverted, write introverted, write clever aromantics

Start writing aromantics

I’m sure this is probably meant, but all the above applies to aro-spec characters, too.