I am questioning if I am aro or on the aro spectrum, I’ve been questioning it since about a year and I still can’t come to a clear conclusion? Maybe at first it was denial I think? It was much easier for me to accept my asexuality the year prior to that, the only thing it took was a few talks and a realisation “Wow man that sounds a lot like me” with an ace friend of mine. But aromantism, I think I am somewhere on the spectrum but it was harder to come to terms with it for me. Probably stems from my parents and shitty comments about my weight and that I still want to proof them wrong that people could romantically love me for me. They did apologize for that remark … but it’s still eaten on me and makes me wanna proof them wrong.

I think I might be aro.

– Mod Paula

I had 2 romantic relationships (1 relationship because I confused platonic love for romantic love) before and they were both really taxing and exhausting, I don’t like kissing or feel a slight repulsion towards romantic gestures when I know they’re meant to be romantic. I find myself oblivious to flirting or romantic coded hints and a queer platonic relationship sounds a lot more appealing towards me than an actual romantic one.

– Mod Paula