take it from someone who was in denial for a v…

take it from someone who was in denial for a very long time: all you gotta do it look at a bunch of people and think hey, could i be in a relationship with any of them? could i see myself going on dates and moving in together and maybe getting married to them? if the answer is no then yeah you're probs aro and if the answer is yes to any of these you still could be arospec or maybe you just dont see some things as romantic. its difficult i know but spend some time just thinking these things xxxx

Thank you so much, but I don´t consider going out with someone as a romantic date, you dont know them at all and I love going out every once in a while with friends, not so much with strangers, I need time to get to know people, I don´t like superficial friendships too much, I enjoy going out for coffees and talks with my friends. I did have crushes on boys before but that could have been cause it was expected of me as a girl to crush on boys, I think I was in love with my first girlfriend? I felt a similar feeling towards this other girl but she really really hurt me and since then I´ve stopped having crushes pretty much. Maybe its kinda trauma related? Since my first girlfriend broke my heart and the second girl I was interested also really hurt me? But idk it´s hard to figure out

– Mod Paula