hey so let’s rant for a second, it being aromantic awareness week and all

the social hierarchy of relationships according to the world is actually garbage

as an aromantic person, i do not experience romantic attraction. i do not happen to want a romantic relationship. some aros might, and that’s great. but lots don’t. i’m one of them that does not.

i’m ? just so over the way people ? treat platonic love ?

friendships are lesser. friends are “JUST friends” and romance is “MORE than friends”. you consult your romantic partner when you make a decision but if you consult your friends, people say ‘they’re just your friends, what they think doesn’t matter’.

what’s the difference? you’re telling me that a friend you kiss is inherently more valuable than one you don’t? you’re telling me that people can only be intimate and rely on each other if they’re ‘dating’?

you see friends that are very close and you say “they must be dating in secret, no friends are that close to each other.”

i say my dream relationship is just to have a very close best friend and you say that’s not a very big goal? do you know how hard it is to really find someone like that for you without the promise of dating or sex attached?

this aromantic spectrum awareness week, please remember that platonic love is important. please stop saying “just friends” or “more than friends”. no type of love or relationship is inherently more or less important than any other. let people prioritize and define their own relationships.

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