Apology from a former exclusionist

Even as recently as yesterday I was arguing that aspec people didn’t belong in the LGBT+ community, but after being guided to some useful sources, I’ve learnt a lot of things:

  • SGA, as a term, is not as widely accepted as I previously believed and, when used as one of the defining criteria for LGBT+, excludes many bisexual people that are not heterosexual but also do not experience ‘sga’. Therefore, if this term cannot be applied to everyone that exclusionists consider to be in the LGBT+ community already, then it also cannot be used to exclude aspec people.
  • Aphobia is very real and overlaps with issues faced by other LGBT+ people more than I realised. These issues include things like corrective rape, conversion therapy, intrusive medical examinations, and a general misunderstanding (and even aggressive dislike) from the wider public. With so many shared goals, maybe it doesn’t make much sense to separate the communities.
  • Aphobia also has many differences from the oppression faced by other LGBT+ people e.g. a lack of legal discrimination. But then transphobia also has many differences from biphobia. And biphobia from homophobia. Just because more power is put into oppressing one group than another, it does not mean that only one group is facing oppression. It was ignorant of me to consider and suggest that all oppression within the LGBT+ community is the same, as we all experience oppression differently depending on our identity and other qualities that make us who we are. Just because aphobia is different, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t our responsibility to help combat it.
  • The LGBT+ community and its acronym have seen many changes throughout history as a result of accepting certain communities and trying to exclude others. The acronym hasn’t always been LGBT and it definitely shouldn’t stay that way if it means excluding people that aren’t cis het het peri.

I’ve always believed aspec people to be valid, just different to LGBT+, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to consider that you all deserve to be included this community.

(Also to all the people trying to junk up the ace positivity tag with hateful messages, please consider what you’re doing before you do it. Aspec people are valid people trying to live their best life like we all are. Do you really need to go out of your way to spread hate to them?)