ay not trying to start shit or anything but like… seeing widely spread memes that mock anyone who uses words like “aphobia” or “queerplatonic” kinda hurts, like, i don’t think you can make jokes like that while simultaneously claiming to be supportive of asexual and aromantic people. they have the exact same tone and purpose as “i identify as an attack helicopter” jokes except directed at a group that is apparently an acceptable target still

i’m not trying to argue whether cis heteroromantic aces or heterosexual aros have a place in the lgbtq+ community (i think they do but i’m not making that point here), just saying if you claim to be supportive of people of any orientation but then turn around and reblog memes where what you’re laughing at is literally the idea that asexual people could face negative treatment because of their orientation, or aromantic people describing their own lived experiences, then the message you’re sending is “i don’t recognize the validity of aspec orientations”