asexuals aren't members of the lgbt commu…

asexuals aren't members of the lgbt community

nah i include the ace/aro community in the LGBT+ community, and i’m not going to stop using the A or pretend it stands for “ally” that’s ignorant as fuck, the ace/aro community also shares the same wants and needs as the LGBT+ community, and they are heavily discriminated against. they’re told that they’re broken, that they’re less than human, they’re forced through conversion therapy, and told they’re mentally ill all for how they experience love/sexual attraction. and that discrimination clearly falls in line with the LGBT+ community. being LGBT+ isn’t all about being gay or trans and it isn’t all about issues that are only important to those communities, it’s really about how one experiences sexuality and gender in many of the complex ways that can not completely align with being cisgender and/or heterosexual and how we choose to go about this emotionally and physically.

and you could argue “okay but what about ace/aro people who have heterosexual relationships” YEAH they’re included, because like i said being ace/aro is about how you experience sexual attraction and love. and if you’re thinking that being heterosexual and being ace/aro are the same exact things then you’re already setting yourself up to not get it, you’re already thinking that them partaking in hetero stuff means that they aren’t still very much ace/aro which is no better than telling a bisexual woman that she must be straight if she dates a man. and you’re ignoring the fact that ace/aro is more than asexuals and aromantics and has people who are biromantic, heteroromantic, panromantic, homoromantic, grayromantic, graysexual, demisexual, demiromantic, etc. you can’t just throw these people into the group of “hetero” as if hetero is what someone automatically is the moment they aren’t gay

LGBT+ has always been a big umbrella and it is a group for people who’s rights and lives are viewed as lesser because of their sexualities/ genders (or lack therof), and their bodies and what they choose to do or not do with their bodies, and it’s a community for those who experience sexuality, love, and gender in ways that don’t fall into the definitions of being cishet. and there is more than enough room for the people who deserve to be here and share mutual issues and experiences.

ace and aro people (and all of the people who fall under that umbrella) are apart of the LGBT+ community regardless of their gender and/or sexual identity (bc yes ace/aro people can be in sexual and/or romantic relationships contrary to popular belief), and frankly they’ve always been in this community it’s just that people like you have refused to acknowledge them. just as trans people weren’t always considered part of the community because transphobic gay people refused to accept them. stop trying to push them out, you’re just showing your ignorance and you’re on the ugly side of history. and worse, you’re doing this to members of your own community, people you should be protecting.