since i never see any positivity for aros like me, here’s a post for the ones with low empathy:

shoutout to the aromantic people with low empathy, the ones with antisocial or narcissistic personalities, the autistic aromantic people, the ones that everyone vehemently tries to erase to make aromanticism seem more “okay” to alloromantic people. it’s perfectly fine to not feel connected to people in general and to identify as aro due to this. you’re still valid. it’s okay to not relate to humanity to the point where you can’t possibly picture yourself falling in love. it’s okay to only experience platonic feelings for people because you don’t want to bother with having to consider another person’s feelings in the way romance requires. shoutout to the aros that actually are somewhat “heartless” and don’t care about others, the psychopathic aros, the sociopathic aros, the narcissistic aros.

i feel like the aro community as a whole spends so much time on positivity and making sure people understand that most aromantic people can love people platonically or do experience deep meaningful connections with people that they forget that, for some of us, our inability to relate to people and indifference to others does not make us any less aro.