Hi! I was wondering what the common comeback f…

Hi! I was wondering what the common comeback from aphobes were when you compare acephobia to biphobia? Like do you know what the first things they’ll say to refute that are? Because I find a lot of parallels between the bi plight and the ace one.

There’s definitely parallels there, in fact a lot of acephobic arguments are the exact same ones that are used against bi people. I think the comebacks are probably divided in two types there, the ones who are biphobic as well as acephobic, so they’ll just go “yeah well the arguments go for both” and the ones who will try to claim that it’s “not the same” and that bi people belong but ace people don’t (they’ll probably say that bi people in same-sex relationships aren’t straight passing or that at least bi people are “half gay” or something like that. not that that’s not at least kinda biphobic in itself)

In either case you probably won’t be able to convince them otherwise with sensible arguments. Don’t waste your energy engaging them, maybe link them to some resources. You don’t owe a stranger on the internet any explanation.

 – Mod Fiona