Not sure if u know what RuPaul's drag rac…

Not sure if u know what RuPaul's drag race is but I love to watch it coz its nice to see some LGBT+ stuff on main stream media (its not ace but its still cool to see more inclusive stuff) but every time I watch it my mum always goes off on these weird anti-gay conspiracy theories and it makes me feel bad coz if she's not ok with gays how on earth will she be ok with me being ace, like being gay is more accepted nowadays whereas ace is still not talked about as much and she won't understand me

Yeah, sadly you’re right, if she doesn’t accept gay people, it’s unlikely that she will accept or understand asexuality.

My advice is to wait until you’re independent to come out to her, you don’t want her ranting at you or trying to change your mind, even if she won’t physically hurt you.

You could try to educate her, but really it’s your call on how likely you are to succeed in that and whether it’s worth the struggle. Remember if she doesn’t accept you that’s on her, not you.

Of course there are stories of homophobic people changing their minds when it turns out that their kids are queer. I don’t know how likely it is with your mum, or how long it will take but there is that hope

Good luck in any way!

 – Mod Fiona