I finally went to a meetup of my local queer community and it was great. No one quizzed me on my identity and whether I was “queer enough” to be there. In fact hardly anyone even said what exactly their identity was, sometimes it came up in the conversation sometimes it didn’t.

We played a game one girl had on her phone where you try to match flags with the identities, did we know all of them? no. Did we know all these identities? no, we googled some of them it was quite educational, sometimes we said we wouldn’t feel the need to use a label like that but not even once did anyone say that a label was “silly” or “useless” or “not a thing”.

The ace flag came up too of course. The girl across from me went “hey that’s one of mine, that one and the aro one!” and I said “the ace flag is one of mine too!” and we had a nice same hat moment and absolutely no one jumped at us from somewhere at the table and try to shove us out or tell us that we didn’t belong.

Yeah. Exclusionists really are a mostly internet thing. In real life everyone is just happy to find their people and it doesn’t matter if they’re lesbian or ace or trans or nonbinary or WHATEVER. Some people just say they’re queer, some people use all the labels that fit them and both is completely fine

Don’t let tumblr trolls scare you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your local communities. It’s worth it, I promise.

 – Mod Fiona