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                  💜🖤 aro, and acearo intersection  💜🖤

in this series:
  ♠ intro to ace week
  ♠ ace people are lgbtqiap+
  ♠ ace doesn’t mean celibate
  ♠ attraction and repulsion are different things
  ♠ having or wanting sex doesn’t make you less ace
  ♠ navigating enjoyable sex with low libido and repulsion
  ♠ acearo intersection (and conclusion) 

and that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve all had a lovely asexual awareness week 2018 and will continue to remember through the rest of the year that aspec people of every single kind are valid and belong without condition in lgbtqiap+ communities!

🏹 I didn’t talk too much about aromanticism as it’s aceweek, but just as asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, aromantic is the lack of romantic attraction, and aro people may choose whether they want or don’t want a romantic relationship regardless of their orientation

💖 thank you so, so much to everybody for your support this week! it’s been heartening to hear so many stories and anecdotes from ace and allo people who identify with aspects of what I discussed, as well as so many thank yous from aces/aros excited to be visible and validated; you are welcome! you deserve to feel valid and safe and to be acknowledged every day, but I’m very glad if I was able to contribute something positive to this asexual awareness week!

📝if you have any other questions, my ask box is always open, this week and beyond. if you’re interested in the two webcomics I mentioned you can find them at @awiw and @letscelebrate-comic and both are available free to read on tapas! I’d appreciate if you checked them out, they’re my full-time work and passion projects!

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until next time, pals!

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