Aromantics deserve respect. If you say you support aros, then you need to support all of them. Support the ones who don’t want any sort of partnership. Support the ones who are both aro and ace. Support the ones who are romance-repulsed. Support the ones who are deemed “stereotypical”. Support aromantics.

support the aromantics who aren’t asexual. support the ones who see being aro as a huge part of their identity, the ones who see being aro as the biggest part of their queer identities. support the ones who ask for you to think critically about our society in ways that may be difficult for you, the ones who make you have to earn the right to call yourself an ally. support the ones that are angry. support aros who are disabled, neurodivergent, poc, and respect how they tell you those experiences intersect. support us please.

Support aros who love you in their own way, support aros who show you that romance is subjective and nothing is inherently romantic, support aros who pass as alloromantic because the world assumes all partnerships lead to romance. Support the aros who struggle with romance repulsion because society has led them to believe that romance is the undercurrent of society—that between two people who like each other there must be romance. Support aros and listen to our unique experiences, because we need your help to navigate a world that often feels designed to work against us.