To My Aromantic Allosexuals

Fuck the idea that sexual attraction is disgusting or perverted if it isn’t followed by romantic attraction. Fuck the idea that if you’re aromantic, you have to be asexual, too.

Fuck the fact that alloromantic asexual communities exist, but aromantic allosexual communities are near nonexistent.

Fuck the fact that you’re seen as lesser for feeling sexual attraction and not romantic attraction. Fuck it all to hell, that your voices are silenced everywhere you go.

You know what we need? Arospec allosexual positivity. Arospec allow inclusion, representation. So many aro allos exist in this world, probably equal to or even more than allo aces. But they’d never know, because they are the silent voices in an invisible community. And I hate that.

The aspec community needs to hear your voices. We need to. We can’t be overpowered by allo aces. We need your voices to be just as important to everyone else.

So don’t be ashamed of speaking up. Don’t you dare let yourself think you should stay quiet on community issues becuase you feel sexual attraction, and you’re somehow less of a part of the community for that. Speak. Up.

-Mod Taiga