Variety in Aro Experiences


I feel like it is important to recognize that even though we are a community with a lot of shared experiences, we must remember that there’s not just one “Aro Experience”; there are numerous aro experiences corresponding to numerous individuals with multi-faceted identities.  While we are unified by what makes us similar, we should also acknowledge what makes us different and include the variety of our experiences in community discussions.

  • There are asexual aromantics, and while aroaces are a large part of our community their experiences are not universal
  • There are allosexual aromantics, and being allosexual does NOT make them any less aro
  • There are amorous aros, who very much want to have a QPR
  • There are nonamorous aros, who don’t want a QPR at all
  • There are aros who experience strong platonic attraction in the form of squishes
  • There are aros who are aplatonic and have never had a squish
  • There are aros who’ve never dated anyone
  • There are aros who HAVE been in romantic relationships
  • There are aros who are 100% confident in their identity
  • There are aros who are still figuring stuff out
  • There are aros who are super romance repulsed
  • There are aros who enjoy a lot of “romantic” things
  • There are aros who are arospec and they ARE part of our community
  • There are aros who weren’t always aro because sometimes people change and that is perfectly okay
  • There are aros who love being aro and are relieved by it
  • There are aros who hate being aro and kinda wish they weren’t

And there are so many other aspects to aro identities, including gender, age, race, disability, mental illness, and so many other factors.  

Most importantly, ALL of these experiences are valid and important and 100% a part of our community! 

My fellow Aros, there’s no such thing as being “aro enough”; each and every one of you BELONGS and your voice MATTERS, and we are here for you as a COMMUNITY to support and listen to you and you’re all so valid and amazing that it’s making me emotional because I just adore and love this community so MUCH! (#NoRomo)