No more “ace discourse,” let’s focus on the things that matter.

We need to invest in communal living systems and support networks for isolated aromantic and asexual people who do not have the option of partnerships and/or family as a support, especially to reduce the risk of homelessness.

We need competent mental and physical health care that is responsive to the needs of aromantic and asexual people, especially those who suffer from mental illness, disability, or chronic illness.

We need inclusive sexual education that informs both asexual and non-asexual people about asexuality, relationships with asexual people, and the sexual well-being of asexual people in sexual relationships.

We need domestic violence organizations and shelters to be fully informed about aromanticism and asexuality in order to properly respond to the needs of victims who are aromantic and/or asexual.

We need safe spaces and hotlines for asexual and aromantic youth who are just starting to understand their asexuality and/or aromanticism and who need a place of acceptance to go to when they are struggling.

We need resources for parents that normalize asexuality and aromanticism, especially to reduce instances of asexual and/or aromantic young people being put into abusive situations at home.

We need resources tailored to marginalized groups within the community, especially people of color, disabled people, neurodivergent people, etc. whose experiences with aromanticism and/or asexuality intersect with other issues.

We need religious organizations that are inclusive to asexual and aromantic people, who do not rely on heteronormative and amatonormative rhetoric to teach “morality” in a way that demonizes asexual and aromantic people.

etc. etc. etc.

These are all things we need to shift focus towards, rather than engaging in debates about our validity over and over and over again on loop. That’s a big distraction from what we actually need and it’s hurting us.

Feel free to add.