aroacecollective: Submissions for the first A…


Submissions for the first Aro/Ace Collective zine are open!

I have been wanting to do a project like this for a while now to raise awareness of aromantic and asexual identities so I’m very excited to get this ball rolling! That being said, the theme of the first issue will be “Awareness”; awareness of aromonaticism and asexuality in oneself, awareness from others, awareness as an orientation, the interpretation is up to you! 

Rules of Submission:

  • A short comic (no minimum length) by creators who identify on the aro or ace spectrum regarding the theme of “Awareness” and aromanticism and/or asexuality
  • Digital, watercolor, charcoal, any medium!
  • Content that is rated no higher than PG-13 (in order to allow the greatest number of people to enjoy the zine)
  • Original work, please do not submit art made by anyone but yourself nor can it be fanart based off another person’s work (collaborations are totally fine!)
  • Any genre! Fiction, non-fiction, autobiographical, fantasy, all fair game

Other Info

The project is not for profit, the completed zine will be available as a free PDF (release date TBD). All creators will be credited and linked and retain all rights to their original work. Please refrain from posting your completed work in its entirety until after the release of the zine, the your work is yours to do with what you will ~*

Submission Deadline is December 22nd

Please submit completed works to as JPEG or PNG files at a minimum of 72 dpi (300 dpi preferred) along with the info you’d like credited in the zine (your name/links to your work, ect). 

I will be happy to take any questions or thoughts through email or DM ~*

I can’t wait to see what you make!