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idk can we stop…treating a.ce disc.ourse like it’s some haha funney cringe compilation or whatever the fuck because it fucking destroyed the entire ace and aro communities. there is no solid aspec community on tumblr anymore (which was by far the biggest number of aspec ppl). exclusionists took our community and fucking smashed it to pieces and y’all treat it as this fucking stupid joke when they traumatized, gaslit, and abused an entire group of queer people back into the closet. fuck every single person who doesn’t take that seriously.

My personal experience is just that, but it’s really indicative that I have watched almost every single ace and aro person I know, irl and online, actively recloset themselves as a direct result of the consequences of The Disc Horse™

I watched irl queer groups disintegrate bc a few ppl who got into leadership positions used that to make the space hostile towards ace ppl (among others as well), saw friends go from being loud and proud aces n aros to actively avoiding any mention of it and letting ppl assume their sexuality. I myself, having been IDing as ace for 10 years at least, have in the past couple since this whole “"discourse”“ came into being, actively and intentionally stopped telling anyone at all that I’m ace. To put that in some kind of perspective, I am incredibly out as trans and will actively out myself pretty constantly except to total strangers I will never see again. I feel safer telling ppl I’m trans than ace. Especially in queer spaces. It’s fucked me up so much I didn’t even quite grasp how much but today my therapist asked me for the first time about like romantic relationships and I physically could not say I am aro and ace. Completely incapable, utterly frozen, and I just kinda let her believe what she will. Ironically the fact that I’ve gone from being willing and ready to tell ppl I’m ace as just another facet of myself to entirely unable and unsolicited to tell anyone, is probably a thing one might want to talk w one’s therapist about.

This has really fucked not just the community at large but fucked up individual ace ppl in so many ways. It’s not something “funny” or remotely harmless, it’s absolutely devastated us.

I reblogged this only a couple of days ago when this hand only 2k-ish notes.Now this has 10k notes FULL of ace , aro and aroace people talking about how much the “ace discourse” emotionally and mentally traumatized them and how so many of them stopped coming out as ace even among their most lgbtqa friendly peers and groups and its just SO  SO heartbreaking to read.

The ace discourse has been going on here for around 3 years now with no signs of stopping considering of how many excusionist and aphobic ace discourse keep popping up here and 99% of them are just really horrible people who keep bullying,harassing and mocking ace people as a form of “discourse”

Ace discourse hasnt made ANYONE feel safe in the lgbtqa community except people who are as much of a bully towards ace people as aphobes are and has just created a huge divide among the community bc many lgbtqa ACE people too feel like they cant trust other lgbtqa people non ace people since they  might turn out to be aphobic.

I hope anyone who has EVER contributed to this disgusting agenda against the existence of ace people reads this and realizes how they have only played the part of the bullies and bigots they hated in schools and societies, towards ace people and have contributed to the unsafeness and self hatred ace people feel for being ace.

No matter how many “hot takes” people write with as many leftist buzzwords or masterpost aphobes make ,ace people arent EVER going to stop existing.Its their LIVES and not some internet identity they make up so all this harassment of ace people is only EVER going to make ace people hide themselves not erase themselves.



Some aspec emojis for icons or whatever 🙂

Feel free to use anywhere, sorry for the watermark but I had to keep them as pngs!

Fray- • Aspec • Asexual

Abro- • Recipro- • Akoi-

Demi- • Gray- • Aromantic


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Compulsory sexuality will never know what hit it.

Announcement: Ace Art Show!


Hi everyone!

I come to you today with a huge exciting announcement. Next year, April 26th – 27th, I’m co-curating an art show for asexual identifying artists. Next April, there is going to be an international asexual conference in Canada entitled,

“Unthinking Sex,
Imagining Asexuality: Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Perspectives.” As part of the conference, there’s going to be an art show in a gallery featuring the work of asexual-identifying artists. This would be an amazing thing to put on your resume. We’re also going to have a table to display books and zines written by asexual writers.

I am super excited to have been offered this opportunity and I hope that some of  you will consider submitting work. I have interviewed so many talented artists and I’d love to show off your work to the world.

My co-curator, Heather, and I have written up the following call for artists. I’m looking forward to hearing from many of you.


The inaugural
international conference “Unthinking
Sex, Imagining Asexuality: Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Perspectives”
will be held April 26-27, 2019 at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre
Campus in Vancouver, located on unceded Coast Salish Territory, the traditional
territories of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations. We are
excited to announce an Asexual Art Show to be held in tandem at a local gallery
in Vancouver, and we want your work!

Submissions will be received up to 12:00pm
(Pacific Standard Time) on:
Tuesday, January 1, 2019


  • To apply to this Call for Artists you must be
    someone who self-identifies as asexual and/or aromantic (including
    gray-asexual, demisexual, or on the ace spectrum).
  • You must be someone who creates art, broadly
    understood (including, but not limited to: painting, digitized art, visual
    poetry, mixed media, photography, drawing, printmaking, etc.).
  • Authors and zine-makers are also welcome to
    submit work (there will be a table to display written works by ace-identifying


  • This exhibition does not charge exhibiting
    artists to display their works.
  • Unfortunately, due to
    the size and nature of our gallery space, we are unable to accept any
    sculptures or installation art. Please only submit 2D, and/or ready wall-mounted
    3D works.


  • Attach to email no
    more than 5 images of your work (.jpg format- 300 dpi, no more than a total of 5MB).
  • Should you be
    submitting more than one work for consideration, please provide only 2-3 images
    of each work.
  • Proposed artwork must
    include title, material(s), dimensions, and date.
  • Please include a short
    bio (75 words max).
  • Please also include an
    artist statement that provides an introduction to your practice and artworks
    submitted (250 words max).
  • Selected artists are
    responsible for delivery, or shipment (as well as return shipping), of their
    works. Low-income artists, or artists that need financial assistance to
    participate, may be eligible for financial support.
  • Artwork must be ready
    to display (printed, ready-mounted, or framed).

All submissions must
be in pdf format and emailed to aceartshow[at]gmail[dot]com by January 1, 2019 at noon. Artists will
be notified no later than February 15,
if their submission has been accepted for the art show.


Should you have any
questions regarding the conference or your application, please direct them to Lauren Jankowski and
Heather Prost at aceartshow[at]gmail[dot]com

I will periodically reblog this to remind artists who follow this site as well as for anyone who may miss it the first time around.

Thanks, everyone!

aroacecollective: Submissions for the first A…


Submissions for the first Aro/Ace Collective zine are open!

I have been wanting to do a project like this for a while now to raise awareness of aromantic and asexual identities so I’m very excited to get this ball rolling! That being said, the theme of the first issue will be “Awareness”; awareness of aromonaticism and asexuality in oneself, awareness from others, awareness as an orientation, the interpretation is up to you! 

Rules of Submission:

  • A short comic (no minimum length) by creators who identify on the aro or ace spectrum regarding the theme of “Awareness” and aromanticism and/or asexuality
  • Digital, watercolor, charcoal, any medium!
  • Content that is rated no higher than PG-13 (in order to allow the greatest number of people to enjoy the zine)
  • Original work, please do not submit art made by anyone but yourself nor can it be fanart based off another person’s work (collaborations are totally fine!)
  • Any genre! Fiction, non-fiction, autobiographical, fantasy, all fair game

Other Info

The project is not for profit, the completed zine will be available as a free PDF (release date TBD). All creators will be credited and linked and retain all rights to their original work. Please refrain from posting your completed work in its entirety until after the release of the zine, the your work is yours to do with what you will ~*

Submission Deadline is December 22nd

Please submit completed works to as JPEG or PNG files at a minimum of 72 dpi (300 dpi preferred) along with the info you’d like credited in the zine (your name/links to your work, ect). 

I will be happy to take any questions or thoughts through email or DM ~*

I can’t wait to see what you make!


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J’ai fait des petits stickers fleuris pour le Pride Month et j’avais complètement oublié de les poster, alors voilà ! 😀


So I did a few flowery stickers for Pride Month and completely forgot to post them so here you are !

crying in transgender



You never have to decide on a specific label if you don’t want to. You’re allowed to have a vague identity.

Asexual folks:


We are doing a piece on ace fashion and we want to interview you! 

Here’s what we need:

  1. Some images of your favorite looks (High res, if possible)
  2. A paragraph or statement about what your style is, and how it does/doesn’t intersect with your asexuality 
  3. A short bio
  4. The pronouns you’d like us to use for the piece
  5. The social media channels you’d like us to share

Please send your submissions/questions to 

Can’t wait to hear from you! 



No more “ace discourse,” let’s focus on the things that matter.

We need to invest in communal living systems and support networks for isolated aromantic and asexual people who do not have the option of partnerships and/or family as a support, especially to reduce the risk of homelessness.

We need competent mental and physical health care that is responsive to the needs of aromantic and asexual people, especially those who suffer from mental illness, disability, or chronic illness.

We need inclusive sexual education that informs both asexual and non-asexual people about asexuality, relationships with asexual people, and the sexual well-being of asexual people in sexual relationships.

We need domestic violence organizations and shelters to be fully informed about aromanticism and asexuality in order to properly respond to the needs of victims who are aromantic and/or asexual.

We need safe spaces and hotlines for asexual and aromantic youth who are just starting to understand their asexuality and/or aromanticism and who need a place of acceptance to go to when they are struggling.

We need resources for parents that normalize asexuality and aromanticism, especially to reduce instances of asexual and/or aromantic young people being put into abusive situations at home.

We need resources tailored to marginalized groups within the community, especially people of color, disabled people, neurodivergent people, etc. whose experiences with aromanticism and/or asexuality intersect with other issues.

We need religious organizations that are inclusive to asexual and aromantic people, who do not rely on heteronormative and amatonormative rhetoric to teach “morality” in a way that demonizes asexual and aromantic people.

etc. etc. etc.

These are all things we need to shift focus towards, rather than engaging in debates about our validity over and over and over again on loop. That’s a big distraction from what we actually need and it’s hurting us.

Feel free to add.

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LGBTQ+ Pride Unicorns Sticker Pack from ceikochan