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tasteoface: No matter what flag you fall under, Happy Asexual…


No matter what flag you fall under, Happy Asexual Awareness Week 2017!

awesomelyagender:I thought some of you might need this


I thought some of you might need this

space-ace-papuka:man i love my fellow aspec ppl


man i love my fellow aspec ppl

gaywrites: GLAAD has released the newest edition of Where We…


GLAAD has released the newest edition of Where We Are on TV, its report analyzing LGBTQ representation on television. The report found that while there are more LGBTQ characters on TV than ever before, the majority of them are still white men. 

Some important stats from the report, which looks at broadcast, cable and streaming television programming:

  • Just 6.4% of regular characters on broadcast primetime TV are LGBTQ.
  • Bisexuals make up 28% of all LGBTQ characters across platforms. 
  • This year, there were 17 trans characters across platforms. 
  • 77% of LGBTQ characters were white. 
  • GLAAD was able to count asexual characters for the first time this year.
  • Only two characters across all platforms were HIV-positive.
  • 1.8% of regular primetime broadcast characters have a disability. 

How far we’ve come, how far we have to go. Read the full report at GLAAD.

i know i identify as ace but i feel as if i’m grey-romantic because i’ve only ever had one romantic crush, but nothing else, and if i ever had a “celebrity crush” i basically mean that i want to meet them and scruff their hair. but idk, advice would be helpful : )

sounds like you’re pretty spot on. this isn’t really enough information to say 100%– you know you better than i do


sorry to bother, and also how would i come out to my parents because i know they’re hella homophobic and transphobic and i think they’re aphobic too so i have no idea help (and also i feel if i try to drop hints they’ll start questioning me)

bring it up in a conversation beforehand. mention some ace fictional characters or smth. just make sure you stay safe, and don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with.


I hate being demiromantic, it just makes things awkward

mph, i feel you man. everything will work itself out though, & remember you don’t need a relationship to make you feel happy


So…I’m very confused, I don’t know if I’m asexual or greyasexual? Because I like to kiss, I kinda enjoy it but when, for example, my girlfriend tries to touch me or something, I don’t feel nothing(? With my other ex was the same, I don’t imagine being in a sexual situation(? sometimes I don’t mind touch myself but it’s on a very very rare occasions… I’m just a sad bean :(

kissing doesn’t have to be a sexual thing. you could be interested romantically, but not sexually. romantic attraction and sexual attraction are two different things.


@dare-i-say-asexual is another aphobe who doesn’t think we’re lgbtq unless we identify as something else along with asexual and I’m too tired to fight them on it because I’m honestly so done with convincing everyone of asexual conversion therapy and rape threats so can you make a call out post or something? I don’t want people seeing the url and thinking they’re ace supportive like I did.



So I still find people attractive but I don’t wanna have sex with them? But I’m also not 100% repulsed by sex. Like I don’t want to personally do it at all but if it’s mentioned I’m not disgusted by it it’s just sex. So idk if this really counts for anything. Because I see people and I think they’re cute and I’d wanna have a relationship with them but now my friend is telling me I’m not ace

aesthetic attraction my bro. & there’s nothing wrong with having positive or neutral feelings about sex.