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I recently was diagnosed with PCOS. Meaning I …

I recently was diagnosed with PCOS. Meaning I may never be able to carry or birth my own children. I’m also ace. The doctors started messing with my hormones and so I’m now more emotional and want children even more. I told someone that I would do anything to carry my own child even though I dislike sex. They told me that I can’t be ace if I wanna carry my own children. I’m not ready to have kids yet bc I’m only 19 and I’m doing reborn therapy. But I’d like your thoughts on this?

Hi there! 

I totally understand the dilemma and frustration. I, too, have chronic ovarian issues and am likely infertile. Although it does affect hormones, sexual attraction can be completely separate. Could they be related? Absolutely, but regardless, you identify as ace. An ace can have sex, enjoy sex, and want to carry children and still be ace. Asexuality is simply not having a sexual attraction towards someone. You are your own person, and wanting to carry children doesn’t define your sexuality at all. 

A new page of “The Aces Hi!” is up…

A new page of “The Aces Hi!” is up!

allacesarelgbt: positively-lgbtq: positively-…




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right sorry for the confusion. here’s an updated comic:

[Image: The genie comic edited so that the person says “I wish ace people were a part of the lgbt community.” The genie says “it is done". The person looks down saying “Nothing’s changed.”, to which the genie responds “Correct.”

The update is the same except the first line is “I wish all ace people were a part of the lgbt community.”]…

Yay! Another slightly-gory page of “The …

Yay! Another slightly-gory page of “The Aces Hi!” is up!



I posted a new page of “The Aces Hi!&rdq…

I posted a new page of “The Aces Hi!”

nonbinarychildofapollo: Since people don’t see…


Since people don’t seem to understand why aces and aros are LGBT+ and not cishet, I made this. The credit in the corner there is my Instagram btw.

edenartfactory: (I Know You’re Out There) …


(I Know You’re Out There)

You probably know the feeling. For the most part I’m confident on my own, but sometimes you need some face-to-face evidence.

 Or should I say “Ace-to-Ace?”


And News! I’ll be taking two types of submissions if you’re interested!

The first type is questions for the cast of “The Aces Hi!” It’s just Faith and I for now, but you can ask other characters as they come up. You can ask anything within reason! Our favorite subjects, types of pancakes, our least favorite aspects of hair! whatever you like! Just be respectful, don’t ask anything vulgar or offensive. If you don’t feel comfortable asking your question to someones face in public, don’t ask us.

The second type is submissions for your personal story to be featured in the aces hi! Again, you’ll have to be respectful, and your’re not guaranteed to have your experience illustrated. You’ll be giving me the right to use your story for any and all publication, but i will absolutely credit you.

details on that will be in the submission box of my tumblr.

I hope you like it guys!