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Ace Hand-painted Shirt from starlightclothes


I don’t usually post my art here, but I wanted to design a pride thing in honor of ace awareness week, featuring my favorite ace symbols! ♠️👽🍰💜




I did a very quick, sketchy comic because I was extremely inspired by this post. (Credit to @pinkdiamondprince for the original post.)

The entire analogy was just fantastic and so, so accurate, and I wanted to make a comic for it, even if it’s very sketchy because my attention span is nil.

An adorable, helpful, and accurate little comic!

This is the best way to describe aro/aceness I’ve seen! Also, the cutest!






friendly reminder that jughead jones is canonically aro/ace 

happy pride month, everyone 🙂 

this is literally all coded talk for him being gay but yeah anyway

ah yes because “i don’t go on dates”, “i don’t want to kiss PEOPLE”, and “i don’t get crushes” is gay coding sure lmao

yeah using the word asexual to describe a character is Obviously gay coding

Yeah because an openly gay character telling Jughead he doesn’t get his dilemma about finding other gay men to date is SO gay coding 

Crowdfunding for a German book on Aro/Ace matters

Hey everyone!

Two friends of mine are writing a book on Aro/ace topics. They’ve already got a publishing company, but they need some help to cover printing costs. It’d be awesome if you could share the link around and donate if you’ve got some spare change (though this book will be in German)

I wanted to ask this blog because I know you’ve got some German mods.

Anyways, here’s the link

Thanks so much!

Has anyone else been seeing these?

And, I guess, am I right to be wary of them talking about HSDD rather than FSAID?

I started seeing these Unblush ones a couple of months ago.

The comment is mine, and I have not gotten a response from them about it, although the page has commented on other comments.

I haven’t really looked into what Unblush is as a campaign though because I didn’t want to drive traffic any more than necessary.

Today I came across this one:

I got most of the scrolling fine print, but not all of it. It says:

“VYLEESI (bremelanotide injection) is a prescription medicine used to treat hypoactive (low) sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in certain premenopausal women. Vyleesi is not indicated to the enhancement of sexual performance.

Do not use Vyleesi if you have uncontrolled hypertension, know heart disease, or are taking oral naltrexone-contaning products intended to treat opioid or alcohol addiction. Women who can become pregnant should use effective birth control during treatment with Vyleesi.

VYLEESI can cause serious side effects including temporary increase in blood pressure and…

[I didn’t get the rest of that paragraph]

The most common side effects of Vyleesi include nausea, flushing, injection site reactions, headache, vomiting. These are not all of the possible side effects of Vyleesi; consult your healthcare professional for more information or visit for additional important safety information.”

Idk how this compares to addyi/flibanserin off the top of my head, but at the very least it’s another attempt to treat HSDD.

I clicked on fb’s ‘why am I seeing this ad’ feature and it said they were trying to advertise to women in the US in their mid 20s- mid 30s.

Anyways, my comment in the screenshot kind of sums up my feelings on this pretty well, I was just curious if anyone else had come across any of this? And thoughts?

-Mod Leaf

(tagging a couple active/bigger blogs off the top of my head to hopefully drum up a bit of discussion?)









it’s bi/pan and ace/aro solidarity


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Think of it like this. If you’re not asexual and you ever wonder how/why an asexual person might have sex, ask yourself these questions.

Have you had sex with someone you’re not attracted to? Alternatively, do you recognize that people can & do have sex with people they aren’t attracted to?

Then, have you ever had sex with someone you were attracted to for reasons other than, or in addition to, being attracted to them? Or the general, do you recognize that people can & do have sex with people they are attracted to for reasons other than, or in addition to, being attracted to them?

And in those answers there’s the start to the how/why of aces who do have sex.

Guess who went to Pride last saturday and had a blast! Also one of the groups that was in the parade was an ace activist group! I got so excited and happy I held up my ace pride flag (that I used as a cape) up and like half the group high fived me anshsjdhs I actually made cake for pride cause I promised some friends to make it so they can try it lmao 😂💜

I censored my friends for privacy reasons

Never be afraid of going to pride if you’re aro, ace or both, you are included, you are seen and loved 💜💚

– Mod Paula