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Quick q? But why would you write a whole post telling people you said the n-word? And then why would you reblog that post?

Well this blog is run by several people. I was not aware of the post, I will contact the other mod about it, I am sure it was just a brain fart but I will talk to them and I´m taking the liberty to delete the post

Edit: I apologize this happened, I talked to the other mod and told them such content doesnt belong on this blog, that it can offend other people and to not post posts like this on this blog

– Mod Paula

Wahoo! I just think monsters are neat and some of them would make a good romantic partner! But the only term that was ever used was "monsterfucker" , so I was a little confused and wanted to ask. Thank you very much for answering!

Oh yeah definitally you can be a Monster”fucker” and ace, even if you had sex cause action =/= attraction. Soo yeah tho Monsterfucker is kinda sexualised, maybe we could call us Monsterappreciators? Monsterlovers? Monsteraspecs cause I love Monsters and I´m aroace something that is both inclusive to aces and aros maybe Monster appreciators ?

But you can def be a Monster loving ace, I mean I am and I am not less ace just for liking cool monsters

Can I be a monsterfucker and ace at the same time?

Do you like monsters? I mean I like Venom and werewolfs and such so I think yeah? Explain a little but I think yeah, if you dont feel sexual attraction then yeah

To the biromantic ace – I thought the same thing and had pretty nuch resolved myself to just being alone for the foreseeable future. But then I met my girlfriend, and she has been absolutely amazing about everything.

Thank you <3

To the biro/ace anon: you are not alone! I grew up in a very conservative religious community, and when I got out of it I had a hard time considering myself lgbt enough to find a community of my own. It’s rough, and I went thru some false starts, but I am currently in a very loving and romantic relationship with an allo who understands that I’m ace and we may never end up having sex. The best thing for me was to find other aces online, it helps me be confident in my identity even when I'm down.♥

For the biro/ace!! Thank you for your message!

Hi so I’m biromantic and asexual, and lately I just feel like I will never be able to have romantic relationships because people make it seem as though sex is so important for romantic relationships (oh and I’m sex-repulsed). Like everything that you see on tv and even in real life, it revolves around sex. All. The. Time. Any way to reassure myself that you know? I live in a place where… well, there aren’t many LGBTQ people in general, much less aces, so I don’t have any examples

Yeah sometimes it can feel that way, and a partner isnt guaranteed to have in the future, but thats not because of being ace, no one is guaranteed that they end up with a partner in the end.

There are definitely non ace people who respect ace people and our bounderies, sometimes it may not feel that way but there are people who´d love you. If there arent many LGBTQ+ people then many probably are still in the closet if its a conservative area. I´d suggest travelling maybe and maybe even moving in the future to a more metropolian area, the city has most likely more LGBTQ+ people

If anyone wants to add anything to it, feel free

So I got drunk and this guy texted me and we had a conversation (I don’t remember any part of the convo except that he called me hot…I was very drunk). It’s been almost a week and he still texts me and he’s getting increasingly flirty and I’m not interested (esp bc I think he wants to have sex & I’m sex repulsed). I really don’t know what to do or how to tell him nicely that I don’t want to talk to him anymore. We had a nice friendly relationship before this and I don’t want to ruin it

Tell him that you are not interested in him that way and that when you had the conversion a week ago that you´ve been drunk. Tell him that you only see the both of you as friends. If he reacts negatively to any of that just block him cause thats him showing his true colours, and I mean negatively as in not accepting your rejection and proceeding to flirt, calling you names or telling you you led him on aka guilt tripping, etc.

Hello…I wonder if I could get your help? I came out as Ace to my family but in my family every single child is supposed to have kids and You see the problem right? Well my mother and father are forcing me to take hormones to boost my sex drive. It’s horrible and makes me feel disgusted with my body, what should I do?

I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. It sounds horrible and terrifying. 

It can be difficult to deny your parent’s demands, especially when you’re a minor. If you’re not old enough to take the law into your own hands, then the next time you see the doctor, tell your parents to leave the room and talk to the doctor alone about your situation. Call the doctor beforehand and ask them to tell your parents to wait outside, if you have to.

You can describe your situation, and if your doctor is halfway decent, then they’ll realize that fixing someone’s sexuality is no legitimate reason to be medicated.

– Fae


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I will tag tmnt stuff under #ninja turtle shenanigans   if you dislike it

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I’ve been following this blog for I think 3ish years, and it helped me realize and accept that I was ace. And now I’ve learned you’re a tmnt fan!! I’m super excited def post tmnt content please!

NGGGGG I will, in moderation of course! And well I am only one of many mods!

– Mod Paula