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People who intentionally call themselves aphobes and joke about being aphobic are tumblr’s equivalent of  “you called me a bitch. a bitch is a dog. dogs bark. bark is on trees. trees are nature. nature is beautiful. so, thanks for the compliment  sweaty :)) “ 



this is just my opinion, but telling women they can’t be asexual because ‘evil patriarchy oppressed them into hating their own sexuality’ is just about as patronizing as the evil patriarchy itself 

thank you for telling us we have been completely 100% brainwashed and cannot tell socialised discomfort with sexuality from the lack of attraction and desire to have sex, thank you for taking away any agency we have and telling us what to do and how to think because you have to since poor, weak women cannot think and decide for themselves, you’re an asshole

These were a submission, but the person wished…

These were a submission, but the person wished to be anonymous. They said: “Idk if I can submit anonymously but just PSA this is why we aces need to stick together.”

I saw some bullshit on Instagram saying asexua…

I saw some bullshit on Instagram saying asexuals aren't lgbtq because we don't face homophobia or transphobia. I proved that bitch wrong with examples of both. asexual face "homophobia" when people say we are less than human, confused, or receive rape threats by people who want to fix us. we face "transphobia" when people tell us we're denying our biology or have lost what makes us human. I've had people tell me I'm crazy and then I turn to the lgbtq community and hear the same. FUCK OFF HATERS!

I wouldn’t say we experience homo- and transphobia precisely, but we certainly get a lot of the same things thrown at us. You can always find the same “arguments” in a lot of the things said against lgbtqia+ people.

But I promise ace discourse within the queer community is pretty much exclusively an internet thing (and even on the internet aphobes are the minority). I know a lot of lgbtqia+ people in real life and none of them ever said anyhing aphobic. In rl queer spaces, we are completely accepted and actually visible. So don’t let some internet aphobes get under your skin, aces are lgbtq!

 – Mod Fiona




What is so hard to understand and accept about the phrase “I’m hurting”???

You’d think the rest of the LGBT would understand better than anyone what its like to suffer because of who you are.

But for some indiscernable reason, when aces and aros try to explain their experiences and what they face in society, all of a sudden it’s a competition??

“You don’t have it THAT bad!” “That’s nothing compared to what x people face!!”

In all my years, I’ve never had a harder time with any of my identities. I’d say even being trans is easier to deal with because my negative experiences as a trans person are never invalidated to try to prove a point.

My experiences as an acespec arospec person, however, have been treated as fictitious, as overreactions, and I’ve been told that my very real, traumatizing experiences when coming out as ace were “nothing compared to REAL trauma from ‘coming out’ as LGBT.”

I’ve been told that my experiences were the result of misogyny, even though I’m not a woman. I’ve been told that compulsory heterosexuality and the threat of conversion rape do not effect me, because I’m ace and aro, not gay.

Worst of all, I’ve been ignored when I talk about how I grew up being told and treated like I was a fucked up, broken waste of space, and that only three years ago did I even have a response to defend myself because my “condition” was still listed and treated as a mental illness by psychiatrists (and still is, if they are unaware of asexuality and aromanticism, because the definitions are still listed.)

I do not care if you want to fight about whether aces and aros belong in the LGBT. I do not care if you want to ignore ace history or our long involvement with the LGBT. I do not care if you want to argue about any of it.

But you cannot, CANNOT, continue to talk and behave as though aces and aros do not experience any repercussions of our identities. You cannot pretend that we don’t deal with functioning in a heteronormative society that “others” us from them as much as you do. And you CANNOT tell people who are hurting that they are not hurting, that their hurting is “not as bad as someone else’s,” or that their hurting doesn’t count because you think it was inflicted for other reasons.

Suffering is suffering, and even if you hate us so much that you don’t want to unite with us against the same people causing both our suffering, the least you can do is not erase that suffering.

I cannot for the life of me understand why the majority of the otherwise lovely SJ-minded tumblr is so viciously and dismissively aphobic. I’ve unfollowed a bunch of people recently for treating this all like a joke. Seriously, how hard can it be to have a shred of goddamn empathy for people who are also marginalized???

my notifications are flooding with aphobes all because i made ONE post about how all aces are valid. they won’t stop no matter how many times i say “just block me instead of starting drama” and i’m starting to go insane

Sorry you’ve had to deal with that, honey. We’ve recently had a few troll anons because an informational post of our somehow made it to the asshole side of tumblr. We just deleted them. With anon ‘trolling’ it’s best not to give them attention, because all they want is to be able to say that they got a rise out of you. They want to go back they their troll communities (or wherever they gather) and say ‘see, those ________ are clearly like this” or whatever. Don’t try and argue with them, because their mind is already set on one idea of you or a whole group of people. You won’t change their mind. And asking them to stop will only make it worse. 

The best thing you can probably do right now is delete all those messages, and either close your askbox or set it to only accept non-anons. 

Good luck!

Hope this helps <3

you know it’s really telling when a aphobe/aphobic post is reblogged by/agreed with radfems 🤔🤔🤔 (there’s a post in the asexual tag about gay aces aren’t asexual just “homosexuals not wanting sex” and 99% of reblogs are radfems, gross)

ugh, gross.

theasexualityblog: singingwiththemooses submitted:I came out to my mom under what i consider to be…


singingwiththemooses submitted:

I came out to my mom under what i consider to be the worst circumstances. Several people who i considered friends were saying extremely acephobic things to me in a group chat, which upset me. So i was crying fight a panic attack when i finally decide to talk to my mom, seeing as bottling it would have made it worse. And at first i tried to hide it still but i eventually gave up just told her. To which she replied “I know.” And went on about how she supported me.

It took me monthes to come out to the rest of my fam, who all replied with the same phrase: “I know.” So I either suck at being in the closet or my mom told everyone. Both are very likely.

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A handy pie chart I made for people who STILL don’t get it.

I have a friend I need to show this to.

returnofthemackles: Acephobia is so disgusting ? Like, saying asexual people are just heterosexual…


Acephobia is so disgusting ? Like, saying asexual people are just heterosexual people who are trying to worm into the lgbt+ community is literally disgusting. Isn’t the definition of “heterosexuality” being attracted to the gender that is not yours? And asexuality and aromanticism is literally being attracted to NO ONE ? If you are asexual, you are not straight. Period. Why the heck does acephobia even exist I dont understand. A community who struggles with oppression like those in the lgbt+ community should understand OF ALL PEOPLE what it feels like and seeing it coming from these people is truly disgusting.

And for those of you who say “Ace people don’t know what it’s like to be oppressed. Acephobia doesn’t exist.” YOU’RE THE ONE DOING THE OPPRESSING, ASSHOLE.

If you feel the need to exclude ace people from this community, unfollow me.