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The ninja turtles are aro culture, they love pizza, pizza is the aro food, wake up people. Also the ninja turtles would aboslutely kick arophobe/acephobe butts! They fight bad guys after all

im a new aro but i dont like pizza, will this be an issue?

No, if you dont like pizza as an aro the ninja turtles eat enough pizza for every aro who doesnt like pizza.


Reposting ask Flame Demon 5/??

“What is love?”


Me whenever I hear a song using the word “love” but otherwise not being explicitly about romance, despite knowing it’s a romance song: It’s a platonic love song now 👀

Aplatonic???? No friends????? Ajfjskdndjsi

Let me shut this down immediately right now, because I’m not letting this go by. You are confused, and let me explain this common misconception to you since you don’t understand. You have the right to misunderstand something and make mistakes, there’s always time to learn. But you sure as hell can’t be a ignorant, sassy or rude around me while invalidate something you clearly do not understand. That won’t get by me. Not understanding someone doesn’t mean they are wrong.

  • It’s a term for people in the a-spectrum community in anyway who need a term like this. 
  • It’s not about how someone doesn’t want any “friends.” It is not that simple, it’s just not. 
  • It’s common in the a-spec community for aromantic aces to still say they’d like a (queer/quasi)platonic/alterous (a relationship that is neither definitively romantic or sexual partner but it is distinctly platonic and intimate. Or relationship that is like a mixture of platonic and romantic, but it wouldn’t be accurate to define it as strictly one or the other.)  
  • It’s common in the a-spec community for aromantic allosexuals to view their ideal relationship as friends who they have sex with and they are close with.  
  • Aplatonic is a term meant for those aromantics on the a-spectrum who don’t desire those two things listed above. 
  • It’s also meant for aromantic who do not feel “squishes” (friend crushes) like some aromantics do. 
  • It’s common for aplatonic people to feel broken, and invalid because people who are bigoted towards their exist don’t understand them or value them, and put people who have desires for close platonic/quasiplatonic/queerplatonic/alterous, romantic and sexual relationships over them. When they don’t have any desire for close relationship or are touch aversed or intimacy aversed in any manner or it’s just not for them. 
  • Let people use language to genuinely define themselves, Let them find a sense of positivity, community, acknowledgement and validation. Not having a term for how you feel can be loathsome, invalidating and lack of a sense of belonging. Everyone deserves the access and acknowledgement to accurately define themselves. Let people have the opportunity identify with terms accurate to them. It’s up to them to identify how they want. Not us. 

Aplatonic people exist, and are valid. 

Aplatonic people are not heartless or broken.
Not understanding someone doesn’t mean they are wrong.

And what a shocker, they can have friends just like everyone else. Next question.

Aromantic bedding :0 !!!






Why can’t casual sex be more of a thing? Blow your mates dick! Sleep with your BFF. It’s so much safer than random hookups and without the hassle of a romantic relationship?

If you trust someone, and want to blow off steam, the idea that you can’t just fuck is bizarre? Why are casual relationships and flings such a filthy idea? There is a bond, a bed, and time.

Friendship sex 2k19

Okay everyone in the comments here’s a brief explanation of what I was on about

  • I’m aromantic, not ace.
  • I’m talking about social stigma of sexual relationships and safe sex with people you trust
  • I am NOT talking about breaching personal boundaries. If your friend isn’t interested then Don’t. If a friend is pressuring you into sex then they aren’t a good friend
  • I’m not telling ace people to have sex with friends
  • I’m genuinely only talking about casual, consensual, no strings attached, fun with friends.

I’ve reblogged an earlier version of this post, but I’m reblogging again because of the response the OP has gotten, including what even is this comments, the belief we should instead emphasise non-sexual intimacy between friends, someone talking about sexual assault, an asexual talking about how they just don’t get it and someone talking about exploring sexuality and asexuality.

It’s beyond frustrating that a non-asexual aro/allo-aro can’t make a post about casual friendship sex without … well, this. This post was not for or about asexuals, and yet this post wasn’t allowed to exist as one expression of allosexual aromanticism without some asexuals (and other folks) putting in their unwanted two cents about how this post doesn’t work for them or doesn’t cover what they need from relationships or should instead talk about something else!

If you’re asexual, allo-aro posts are not meant for you to come and talk about how you don’t understand or desire sexual relationships, sex or sexual attraction.

Not everything a-spec is for or about you.

Let us non-asexual a-specs have our own damn conversations for once, please.

OP, I’m really sorry that you had to endure this nonsense on your post. It’s not okay, especially when society takes such a dim view of what you’re describing to the extent that we only have the horrible term “friends with benefits” to name it. We need more conversations that validate allo-aros’ want to explore beyond Western society’s narrow conventions of how to go about relationships, sex and intimacy, and it’s disheartening to get this sort of response when these conversations are still few and far between.

To my fellow aces – it’s ok if you read a post like this and feel like talking about your different feelings and experiences, but the ‘new post’ button is right there. No need to derail allosexual aro posts.

We are all in the aspec community! We have to uplift one another and boost our voices even if we don’t always agree! 

Allosexual Aro Rep Babeyyyyyyy!


When it comes to aromanticism, I think it’s important to note that people view certain things differently in the context of romanticism and platonicism and sexuality.

For example, while one aromantic person may view hand-holding as romantic, another person may view it as platonic.

While one aromantic person may view cuddling as romantic, another person may view it as platonic.

While one aromantic person may view certain pet names as romantic, another person may view them as platonic or sexual.

And that’s not even the start of it. One aromantic person can have wildly different perspectives on certain activities than other aromantic person. And that’s okay.

Someone isn’t a “fake aromantic” if they’re comfortable with an activity you deem romantic, because they may view it as platonic or sexual- or maybe they’re just romance-favorable/neutral.

Aromanticism is an extremely personal and varying experience and that’s part of why it’s so beautiful.


Let me clear something up that some people don’t understand:

  • Aspec – Anyone on the aromantic or asexual spectrum.
  • Arospec – Anyone on the aromantic spectrum.
  • Acespec – Anyone on the asexual spectrum.
  • Aphobia – Bigotry directed towards anyone who is aspec.
  • Arophobia – Bigotry directed towards aromantic people specifically.
  • Acephobia – Bigotry directed towards asexual people specifically.

Don’t say “aspec” if you just mean asexuals!
Don’t say “aspec and arospec”!
Don’t say “aphobia and arophobia”!

Don’t exclude aromantic people from our own community!


you shouldn’t support aros because “we can love too” you should support aros because we’re people too


It’s alright if you’re trying on or experimenting with a-spec labels if they don’t end up fitting. It’s OK to question being a-spec and conclude at the end you’re not.