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drg-aido: A lot of people don’t understand how difficult it can be to know you are asexual for…


A lot of people don’t understand how difficult it can be to know you are asexual for sure, and to be confident that the label is true on you. You spend years asking yourself, “How can I know if I feel sexual attraction or not?”

Trying to prove you DON’T experience something is actually ridiculously hard especially when you are nowhere close to understanding what it is you’re trying to disprove.

It’s a lot like playing a game of Where’s Waldo, but you have no idea what Waldo looks like and you rely entirely on the partial description of him you get from other people.

Take this image, and find “Jeremy” in it:


At first you’re like, “Who tf is Jeremy? That’s a thing?”

And then from discrete descriptions you hear in the hallways, you find out Jeremy has a red shirt.

And so you point to everyone on that picture who has a red shirt like, “Hey hey, red, THIS could be him. Certainly one of these is him!”

But, alas, you’ve gotten it confused with someone similar, but not him at all. This happens when you mistake romantic attraction or aesthetic attraction for sexual attraction or, if you’re aro, platonic attraction for romantic attraction. You’ve misidentified him because he was wearing the same color shirt and looked somewhat like what others were talking about.

You go online and ask for more descriptions of Jeremy, and you may gleam a few details. People are like, “Oh no, Jeremy has stripes on his shirt, and a funky…I don’t know, over the shoulder scarf thingy. Look, it’s really hard to explain. Trust me, if you have seen Jeremy, you would KNOW him.” Which is like ??? confusing, although it is true.

If only you could prove Jeremy isn’t on your board you would know you’re ace//aro, but it’s hard to ever be 100% certain he isn’t there when you have no clue what he looks like.

Which is why it is important for aces//aros to just, forget about trying to be 100% certain and just identify anyways. That’s what helped me the most, knowing that I didn’t have to prove something, I could just assume, “Yeah, if I had felt sexual attraction, I would know. I don’t have to prove without a doubt I don’t in order to use the word.” It’s okay, you give yourself your own validation.

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Thor Ragnarok



Confirm that no characters in this movie hook up.

Hey! I really need some aro positivity right now please :c (Btw if you know some blogs i could follow it would be really cool)

The other’s might know of some good blogs to follow, as might our followers!

The kind of love you do or don’t feel has no bearing on the value of who you are as a person. Aros are awesome and real and they (we) all deserve respect and validation. Being aro is amazing and ever since I learned about it I’ve felt so proud to be one. And you should too!

When I found out I was asexual I was like “wait, does this mean I don’t HAVE TO date anyone? and it’s OKAY?” It was like a huge weight was lifted, I almost cried. (It took me another 2 years to realize I was aromantic as well…)

What is the best part of discovering asexuality? Send me an ask with your answer!

I like sex and I feel sexual attraction to boys and girls. But I don’t feel romantic attraction, have romantic emotions/feelings, enjoy romantic things/stuff or relationships. For years I thought something is wrong with me. Am I just a aromantic bisexual girl ? Please answer, I’m so desperate. 😩 Sorry for my English, it isn’t my native language.

Your english is fine, buddy. And yeah, sounds like you might be bisexual and arospec. A lot of people are allosexual and arospec. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just how you’re wired. You’re definitely welcome in the ace/aro community! You can see definitions of aromantic spectrum identities here

the best part about discovering (aro) asexuality was being able to know that my life could be mine. i was always scared of having to cater to someone else, not being able to do the things i wanted, all because “love makes it worth it”. Now I feel no remorse in wanting to travel, adopt, have a career, accept my gender identity, and other things compulsive heterosexuality has said I shouldnt do without explicit acceptance from a partner. i have complete freedom to make a change in the world

(Ah same! These are such great freeing feelings.)

What was the best part of discovering asexuality? Send me an ask with your answer!

I drew an aroace dragon for my planner! (Though the dragon…

I drew an aroace dragon for my planner! (Though the dragon design itself isn’t mine- I used a little graphic step-by-step guide because I can’t draw. Said graphic can be found here! 



were-all-queer-here: ✨lgbtq blog✨


✨lgbtq blog✨

aggressivelyaromantic: Aromantic + dogs for the anon!!!!!


Aromantic + dogs for the anon!!!!!

I’m aromantic, but I enjoy reading about romance and love songs, as long as they’re not sexual or too graphic. Is that a thing?

Yep! the only “requirement” for identifying as aro is to, well, identify as aro. It doesn’t matter what you enjoy, because action is separate from attraction