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“I don’t wanna lie” from Moment by Moment is a really good ace/aro song, like spot on lyrics, until the very end, but that don’t matter the rest of the song is great

Cool! You’re right, cut out the last part and it’s perfect

So a funny thing about aroace orientation…


You can still want queerplatonic relationships and you can still prefer one type of queerplatonic partner over another. 

Aroaces can experience a non-romantic, non-sexual attraction to men, women, neither, both, all of the above. 

There are aroaces who identify as lesbians because they are female/female aligning wish to share their life with women/feminine aligning individuals. 

There are aroaces who identify as pan because they wish to share their life with someone regardless of gender. 

There are aroaces who don’t identify as anything else because they don’t feel the need to. 

There are aroaces that use the term aroace as shorthand for aro-acespec, arospect-ace, aroacespect/aspect, demisexual/demiromantic, quoiromantic/quoisexual, grayace/grayaro/grayaroace, alterous, quasiromantic/quasisexual, etc etc etc. 

There’s a reason it’s called aspec and not a-that’s it it’s this nothing else. 

Because It’s a wide range of individuals who don’t, don’t usually, almost never, sometimes, sometimes under specific circumstances, or simply don’t know the difference with some experience of sexual and or romantic attraction.

And just because someone falls on the asexual or aromantic spectrum, doesn’t mean they don’t experience other types of attraction. Platonic, queerplatonic, alterous, sensual, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic attractions are all real and sometimes need to be better understood by those who doesn’t experience the main stream sexual or romantic attraction.

So yes, you can be a gay aroace, or a bi aroace, a pan aroace, you can be a lesbian aroace or a poly aroace. Because it’s a complicated world out there and there’s nothing simple about attraction.

aro-acethetic: Aroace + transman + Korean fashion for the…


Aroace + transman + Korean fashion for the anon!!

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I love the aro ace archer jokes, but I think we should expand it even further. 

The demi cavalier

The gray mercenary

The flux mage

The lithro fighter

The nebulo cleric

The quoi shape shifter

Apparently what I want is a whole campaign of a-specs, but I digress.

Love them all

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Cupio bard!

Also, the progression of those url’s is hilarious.

@probablyfrickenweirdrpgideas, hy there

@aroacepositivityplace, actually I am demi (cupio cavalier also has a nice ring to it)

Ey sup

Is anyone a druid…?

Fray druid!

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aro ace turtle

Thor Ragnarok



Confirm that no characters in this movie hook up.

bibliophileap: @drawtober Day 22 – Zombie KidThis kid was…


@drawtober Day 22 – Zombie Kid

This kid was celebrating Asexual Awareness Week when he died. Now his skin is green, his hair is threaded with blue fungus, he’s missing two limbs, and this is the only shirt he owns. But despite all this, he’s managed to take good care of it! It is his favorite shirt, after all.

Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

Day 4.2: Asexual Awareness Week!




Potential aro? ace from, well, Beowulf.

I have decided that as the middle day of AAW this should be DRAGON DAY, so have some of the many ace characters who, ahem, work with dragons!  (Today’s other character is here.)

Yeah, it could be a bit out there to headcanon a character written over a thousand years ago as ace… but I’m going to do it anyway, just because I can.

Want to know more?  This post is the place to look.

>> Explanatiory blurb under the cut.

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My Ace Experience


This is about that friend that wants to be more than friends. It’s not a great thing to go through. Loosing someone because you’re unable to give them what they want. I know many people outside of the ace community experience this…but this is about how I experienced it as someone who is aromantic asexual.

So I had been friends with this girl for about a year. She knew I was ace, I knew she was gay. Simple? Right? We’re great friends, best friends actually. Even though it was an online friendship we were really close. Close enough to have the type of friendship that we stayed on the phone for 6+ hours or until someone fell asleep. To me that’s all it was, a really awesome friendship. To her… she was convinced that I would some day love her the way she loved me.

Eventually she said those words. “I love you” not in a joking way.
Not just saying “goodnight lurv u”…

“I love you”

Let me just say that this confused the crap out of me. I tried to blow it off. Joke around, tease her for being sappy and everything. She went along.. for about a week. Then she said it again.

“I love you”

But after that followed

“I’m serious.”

At that point in my life I hadn’t started believing that I was aromantic. I will say that after everything it was a big fat slap in the face of “you don’t feel romantic attraction!”

But what did I do? I wanted the keep the friendship. I wanted to feel normal. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I said “I like you too”
Boy did that put me down a painful path. I won’t explain everything that went on in our “relationship” but when it came to the point of her wanting to meet me I freaked out. She lived 8 hours away.
Was it possible to meet? Yeah. Did I want to meet? Yeah. Was I scared to meet her? YEAH. So did we meet? No.
Reason being, I felt like I was lying. I felt like us meeting would make her realize that I really didn’t like her.
Guess what? Me avoiding the conversation and never saying yes clued her in and made her question how I felt about her.
That conversation was the last one we had. Painful. The “I’m sorry” “I can’t be just friends” thing happened.
Then nothing.
No more messages.
Unfriended on everything.
And left with the thought that all friends will leave when you can’t give them what they need.

So earlier when I said relationship in quotes…it’s because I still don’t consider that an actual relationship. It was just me trying to make someone else feel happy…and me having a small feeling of hope that I could feel normal.

Don’t lie to yourself for the benefit of others.