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Hey! This blog is awesome, thanks for running …

Hey! This blog is awesome, thanks for running it! Now, I don't want to offend with this question, I'm genuinely curious: how is it possible to be aroace and then be, for example, sapphic, or gay or pan? I see people who called themselves aroace but then also bi or something. If you can't answer this, them maybe could you direct me to a blog who can? Thanks so much! x

Thanks! @aroacelesbians​ answered this pretty well so I’ll redirect you here 

And there’s another post about it here

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this sapphic is aroace and loves sharks

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Bi aroace + “let’s just be friends” for the anon!

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what?? more aroace mettaton content? guess i just never stop



to the aspec kids who are asked why they don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend on this holiday: don’t listen to them. you rock, and you don’t need to be in a relationship to appreciate life. 



Alternative responses to “I love you”

  • Who doesn’t
  • I know
  • Thanks
  • A horrible decision, really
  • Why
  • *laughs nervously*
  • *laughs hysterically*
  • YEET
  • I’m sorry
  • *finger guns*
  • If only there was someone out there who loved you

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Aroace + nerdy for @kitten-me-katnip!

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You have been accepted community members since at least the 1990s – at the time I write this, that’s over twenty years. Most LGBT+ organizations recognize you as members and include you. Stonewall flies the ace flag. Studies find that most LGBT+ members think aces and aros belong. Not everyone knows about asexuality and aromanticism, nor does everyone completely understand it, but they know you’re here and queer.

The discourse is mainly on Tumblr. It gets shut down on other websites, or argued with to the point those voices excluding you are in the minority. For every ten posts you see excluding you and being aphobic on Tumblr, there’s fifty more arguing for you elsewhere.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t belong. Stop making posts wondering if you’re truly allowed or welcomed. You’re already here, accepted, and loved. It doesn’t matter if you also fit under the L G B T Q P I or N letters or just the A. You’re not cishet, you’re LGBT+. You’re part of the community. Aphobes are fucking liars with nothing but hatred and ignorance in their hearts. Don’t listen to the bigots.

“I don’t wanna lie” from Moment by Moment is a really good ace/aro song, like spot on lyrics, until the very end, but that don’t matter the rest of the song is great

Cool! You’re right, cut out the last part and it’s perfect