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Nemo can’t stand your romance

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this is the most aro thing ever and I AM HERE FOR IT

Hiya, I'm not on tumblr a lot so I don&#0…

Hiya, I'm not on tumblr a lot so I don't really know how it works, but I know there's a large ace community on here and I wanted everyone to see/listen to "Never been in Love" by Will Jay, because it's the awesomest ace/aro song I've ever heard, so I wanted to spread the positivity. Would you help me share it please?

Noice! I think we rebloged this earlier, but you should all check it out:

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I made a quick little Aro Ace Cupcake banner for myself for asexual awareness week C:



Buddy, you wanna talk to me about ace inclusion, bear in mind that I’m old enough to remember when there were Very Serious Discussions being had about whether lesbians truly belong in the “gay community”. That’s my point of reference with respect to anti-inclusion rhetoric. So I know for a goddamn fact that your whole “the LGBT community is and always has been defined by the shared experience of homophobia” spiel is a lie, and I’m betting you do, too.

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Aromantic? Never heard of it.

What does Aromantic mean?

Aromantic is a term used to describe the experience of feeling little to no romantic attraction.

Answers to other commonly asked questions:

What is the split attraction model? 

What are the different types of attraction?

What is the aromantic spectrum?

What identities are part of the aromantic spectrum? (note: Not a complete list)

What is a Queerplatonic relationship or QPP?

Squish? Swish? Blush? What the heck do these words have to do with attraction?

Doesn’t aplatonic just mean anti-social?

What does alloromantic mean?

What is amatonormitivity? 

Resources for Aro-spec Folks

Online resources:


Aromantic Wiki



Pioneer Valley Aces, Aros & Allies Meetup

NY/NJ Aromantic Meetup

College and University Groups:

Washington University of St. Louis 

Iowa State University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of California, Santa Cruz (Look for Ace of Clubs meet up)

Florida State University













Pride Merch: 




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some aromantic and asexual-themed valentines!

(credit isnt needed, but is appreciated)

(also, you can obviously still use these if youre allo, i just made these with aroaces in mind)

EDIT: added “roses are red, violets are blue, i dont want to date you, but youre pretty cool”!

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Some crappy aromantic and asexual Valentine’s Day cards, for all your anti-Valentine’s Day needs

Hi! I'm writing an article in school on h…

Hi! I'm writing an article in school on how Valentine's Day can an uncomfortable day of Asexual/Aromantic people and how love doesn't have to be sexual/romantic. Do you know anywhere I can find sources? Thank you for your assistance.

Do you mean, like people to talk to or other articles you can reference? 

Personally, I’m aroace and I love Valentine’s Day. I see it as a nice day to show appreciation for all the people you love, not just romantic partners. People are usually in good moods that day, pink is my favorite color, everything is cute, I’m a designer so i enjoy seeing a well designed card, and of course all the chocolate and candy! I also like to get friends and family members little gifts, like stuffed animals, cards, and candy. 


Followers! What are your feelings about Valentine’s day? 💜 🖤💟💛 💚



It me 💖 #valentines #singlenotlooking #aromantic

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You really think simply_kenna is aroace? She has expressed multiple times in the past that she wants a boyfriend/significant other and that she has no plans in staying single her whole life. Stated in past videos that she was 100% straight. Now, I can believe she may be asexual, but definitely not aromantic when she can imagine herself in a position of kissing (hence her uploaded fanart on insta and referred to one chara as herself/expressed wanting a relationship).

I assume you’re referring to the Aspec youtube list I put together?  (List 1, List 2)

1. I don’t really watch simply_kenna, but in a video she made about aroace FAQ, she stated that she identified as aroace, so that’s why I added her to the list. That video was made almost exactly a year ago so it is possible that she changed her identity. Who knows? I’m not Kenna and I don’t know her. Even if she did, it’s fine to identify one way then change when you learn more about yourself or find new information. It doesn’t make her old identity any less real if that’s how she felt at the time.

2. Some people just like kissing. It doesn’t have to be a romantic or sexual thing, if the person doesn’t assign those things to it. Even if they did…so? Aromanticism and asexuality is about attraction, not action. A person can still want to have sex without being sexually attraction to someone. 

3. That being said, aromantic asexuals can date and have partners. Queer platonic relationships are a thing. Love isn’t limited to sex and romance, and it can be complicated trying to figure it all out.

People can identify however they want, anon. It’s not up to you to decide who is and isn’t “aroace enough”.

-Mod Britt