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The ninja turtles are aro culture, they love pizza, pizza is the aro food, wake up people. Also the ninja turtles would aboslutely kick arophobe/acephobe butts! They fight bad guys after all



“When I tell them I’ve never had sex
—that I am a “virgin”—
I am praised:
“That’s smart of you.”
“How good of you to wait till marriage.”
“You can’t find girls like you anymore.”When I tell them that I’m not waiting for anything
That I probably won’t ever be married
That I’m simply following my desires
—my “lack” of desire—
I am scorned:“Don’t be ridiculous.”
“Everyone wants sex.”
“You’ll change your mind one day.”
“You just haven’t found the right man.”
“I feel sorry for you; I’d never want to be like that.”
“Don’t you think that’s a bit selfish of you?”But I know that if I did want sex
If were to have sex
I would be shamed:
“Learn to keep your legs closed.”
“What will your husband think?”Why do I have to want sex only to be hated for wanting it?
Why am I derided for doing what I would be told to do if I weren’t doing it?
Why must I act in accordance to the husband I’ll never have?
Why should I “save” myself for a wedding night I’ll never want?
Why am I shamed for doing nothing? For wanting nothing?“It’s such a waste.”
“Aren’t you lonely?”
“You should get help for that.”
“Quit being such a prude.”
“Don’t say that, you’ll meet someone.”
“Don’t you want to give your parents grandkids?”One day
They’ll say I’ve waited too long
When I wasn’t waiting for anything in the first place;
They’ll impart condolences for imagined regrets
When I have been content all along.Why should it matter
If my only kiss was with my friend on the elementary playground
The rest given to pets and cheeks;
If the only bed I’ve shared was with a friend
Pillows and whispered secrets between us;
If I prefer held hands, arms wrapped around shoulders and waists, ankles locked under tables
Carefully doled affection among friends?“Are you sure?”
I have always been.”

Who Says I’m “Missing Out” | m.s.h. | a poem about being asexual/aromantic, published in volume one issue two of The Outrider Review (via this-is-my-goddamn-revolt)



a lot of whats clearly supposed to be general aspec content doesnt actually support the identities it tries to. if a post is about aspec people and then only lists asexual by name, its lost all impact on non-sam aros like me, alloaros, and aroaces who prioritize their aro identity. its incredibly disheartening in a community that supposedly embraces us. im pretty sure this isnt done maliciously, but its something to keep in mind when you make supportive aspec posts





ace ppl deserve better than the treatment this site decided to give them just cause tumblr decided they weren’t oppressed enough to be respected as people

Aro people deserve better than being treated like they don’t exist and for 70% of narratives abt ppl not experiencing romantic love to portray them as villainous or infantile

and whether or not you think they should be considered part of the lgbtq+ community, you don’t get the right to treat them without respect and harass them.



I think the reason so many ignorant people think heretoromantic aces and heterosexual aros are “straight” is because they see our asexuality, our aromanticism, as a weird “neutral” rather than an orientation, as a recessive gene that gets overwritten by the attraction we do feel. They are wrong. My asexuality colors so many of my thoughts, and in our romance saturated culture, I’m sure aromanticism does the same for aromantics. It is not an odd quirk for an otherwise straight person. It is a different facet of being queer, and anyone who wishes to identify with that word should not be pushed away.

hello! I'm ace myself but I struggle to u…

hello! I'm ace myself but I struggle to understand some parts of aroace folks. How can you be les/bi/pan/straight/etc if you're aroace?

I do believe so, for example you could have a preference for a Queer platonic relationship to be rather with men, women, women and men and other genders, etc. So for example you could call yourself an aroace lesbian if you feel like the sapphic identity fits. (When I say women and men I do mean both cis and trans women/men)

And if you´re not sex/romance repulsed and you want a relationship that involves some romantic and/or sexual activities you can still have a preference for whom you´d share those activities with so yes, I do think that you can be both aroace and les/bi/gay/straight/etc. if it feels like the label fits.

(Aroaces, aros and aces can still engage in romantic and/or sexual activities if they choose to. Asexuality/Aromantism is just the lack of sexual/romantic attraction. You can still have a libido/sex drive as an ace or seek out romantic activities as an aro cause you enjoy the feeling they give you and still be ace/aro)

I´m aroace myself but I´m personally much more comfortable around women or at least not cis men, so if I were to pursue a QPR with someone I´d probably choose a woman as a partner or someone who is genderqueer/trans aka not a cis man. So I think Iam more sapphic or bi leaning? I still need to figure that out. But that is a very theoretical situation.

– Mod Paula



Since axolotls are an ace symbol I’m claiming frogs as an aro one 😀
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May you find someone who you are compatible with. 💕

May you find someone who respects your boundaries, whether sexual, romantic, or any other. 💗

May you find someone who cares about you and vice versa. 💓

May you find someone that genuinely contributes to your happiness. 💖

I hope you find the relationships you want, whether with a partner, friend, family, or anyone else. And if you don’t want any, I hope you find happiness wherever you are.



some random character: i’ve never felt this way around someone :))

me, chanting slowly: gray or demi-ro, gray or demi-ro, grAy or dEmI-rO, gRaY oR dEmI-rO, GRAY OR DEMI-RO!!



The very concept of the color green: *exists*