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just a little comic for all my fellow aros out there


I’ve seen the “alternative aromantic flag” post on my dashboard and believe it is very important to let you all know that right now the user amethyst/hazel/eyes (without the slashes), also known as Triple/A (without the slash) on the Arocalypse forums, is an ace/aro exclusionist as well as someone who does not believe in the aromantic spectrum. They believe that only aromantics who have never felt romantic attraction whatsoever and who never want anything to do with romance in any way, shape, or form are “true” aromantics.

I, and I should say the vast majority of the rest of the community, do not tolerate this elitist behaviour. I urge you all to not give this person a platform and not reblog their content. They seem to wish that, with the creation of a flag and with enough people in agreement with them, they’ll create their own “real aromantic community.”

I decided to make a separate post about this instead of reblogging their post(s). I will not be debating the status of aros on this blog, but because I keep seeing them around and they have continuously resisted mine and others’ attempts to educate, I thought it important to mention to you all.




op idk how to tell you this


i realized that the lesbian + aro flags have the same number of stripes so here. either an aro lesbian flag or a lesbian / aro solidarity flag!


Sometimes, it’s really hard to accept that you’re Aromantic

It’s hard to understand that the future that you’ve been told is inevitable is wrong for you entirely

It’s hard to accept that it really is okay to not find a romantic partner and not get married

It’s hard to let go of that hope that someday it will change.

It’s hard to stop the thoughts that you will eventually “meet the right person”

It’s just hard

And that’s okay

Self-acceptence is a long journey, and it isn’t linear. There may be days when you love and accept yourself, but other days you just wish you were “normal”

But the truth is we are normal. We here and we don’t need to cling to the future that we were forced to accept. We don’t have to wait for change that might never come. We can accept ourselves the way we are right now and love ourselves. There will be bad days, but we will  have many more good ones 

And it’s okay if you aren’t there yet, if this aromantic or arospec label is right for you, self-acceptence will come


LINK: (let me know if it doesn’t work!)

Finally, general themes will be posted within the next week or so! If you have any questions, the ask box is open or feel free to message me <3 Have a good night!

This is for anyone interested in the aroace fanfiction secret santa!! Follow @tales-from-aroland for updates and such if you want:)


Shout-out to neurodivergent aspecs who can’t wear an ace/aro ring because of sensory issues! 


I decided to make this post for Aro-Spec Awareness Week (since I’m aro myself)

Being Aromantic is not a choice. It’s just who we are.

This post may help you learn more about aro/ace orientations.

And I forgot to mention the Aro-Spectrum identities:

Demiromantic: only feeling romantic attraction to someone once you’ve formed a strong emotional bond. Can be used with another term or on its own

Recipromantic: only feeling romantic attraction when you know the person is attracted to you

Grey-Aromantic: very rarely feeling romantic attraction towards anyone. Can be used with another term or on its own

Lithromantic/Akoiromantic: experiencing romantic attraction without desire for reciprocation 

 Aroflux: how aromantic you feel fluctuates