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A moment of silence for all of the asexual and/or aromantic people in history who were “devoted to their work”.

Always remember that aspec history goes deeper than we know – historical erasure via heteronormativity and a past of inadequate language to encompass aspec identities does not make us any less real

Jughead Jones!!!

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In the survey, I essentially asked people who identify anywhere on the aro-spectrum/ace-spectrum to share how they feel about PDA in LGBT+ spaces because I’ve often seen non-aspec people say that aspec folks are very against PDA in LGBT+ spaces and actively try to prevent it. I’ve never personally experienced this or met anybody who has, so I made this survey to ask aspec people how they actually feel.

Here are the results so far!


Out of the 84 people who responded, nobody was against PDA in LGBT+ spaces! The majority of respondents (67.9%) say they support it. 31% of respondents said they support PDA even though it makes them uncomfortable. One respondent added their own answer, “I don’t care, you do you, have fun.”

Here are some of the individual responses:
Respondent 4, who identifies as arospec and asexual: “I’m uncomfortable with all kinds of PDA due to trauma, but I wouldn’t stop people from kissing/holding hands in an lgbt+ space. If it went on for more than a moment or two and I was having a really PDA-repulsed day, I’d go to the bathroom or get some water or something. If I knew I wasn’t doing so well trigger-wise that morning, I’d probably have stayed home

Respondent 7, who identifies as aromantic and asexual: “I support common acts of affection like kissing/hand holding/etc., but acts that border on sexual like intense making out/ass grabbing/etc. make me uncomfortable.”

Respondant 74, who identifies as aromantic and asexual: “I am romance/sex-repulsed personally, but obviously I would not try to make people stop, especially in a LGBTQ+ space designed to allow for PDA.”

Respondent 84, who identifies as aromantic: “romantic pda can sometimes make me feel uncomfy, but it’s usually more straight pda than gay pda, and i think gay people 100% should have a safe place for pda.“

So, there you have it, friends! 84 people is a relatively small sample size but I think the trend is clear: generally, aspec people are not against PDA in LGBT+ spaces.






Nemo can’t stand your romance

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this is the most aro thing ever and I AM HERE FOR IT


✨ shout out to fat a-specs ✨ you did not choose to be a-spec because those around you find you “unloveable” or “undesirable” ✨ fatphobia + aphobia creates a vile and nasty intersectionality of hate and body/identity policing ✨

✨ I’m proud of you, for simply being you in a society where people must be available and attractive according to strict standard ✨and your only voice of allyship is “that’s not true, I’d f*ck them” (which fetishizes all fat people, sexualuzes fat ace-spec people, and erases fat aro-spec people) ✨

✨ fat is not a bad word ✨ and you’re not bad for being fat and a-spec ✨


asexual captions (5/?)


Apparently there are a lot more ace youtubers that I missed on the last list

The descriptions for each channel are pretty much just copied and pasted from their channel descriptions. Unless they didn’t have a description, in which case I just wrote ‘vlogger’.

Please note: All the content of the channels below may or may not reflect the views or opinions of this blog or it’s moderators. Nor is all of it safe for work or free of problematic elements. Please use your own discretion. 

Note 2: If your favorite youtuber is not on this list, feel free to add on! 



“if you don’t like romance then what are you into????”

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Yes, we are still alive!! 

Sarah and Kayla talk about why the podcast is so late this week – because we’ve been working on our musical Bloom – a musical about asexuality!!!

If you’d like to catch the live stream of our musical or watch it afterward, check out our theatre group’s Facebook!


When you’re reading some fanfic and there’s a random demisexual character