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(Ace Face)

It doesn’t matter how you identify, everyone likes to feel good! And you can make funny sassy comments like these.

Of course I look my best in fuzzy boots, dress shirts with bowties, and my happy denim jacket!

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“The Aces Hi!” is now officially public! 

Being Ace is something I’ve always taken pride in, and I hope this comic shows you precisely what we all need to hear: That we are not alone. That we are okay.

I hope you’ll like it my friends.

As for this little scene, I wonder if anybody else has trouble figuring out whether they just care about everybody or if they actually like them.




(I’m really asking:)

Comic number two! Yay! 

To whom it may concern, Hi! I’m Eden and this is my comic “The Aces Hi!”

It’s about my experience being asexual and will include lots of lovely folks under the rainbow! It’s also filled with talkative hearts, puns, and of course, lots of pride! Updates are always on Friday.

As for this new addition, I was wandering through the internet when I came upon a post that was along the lines of this. This was my reaction, since it’s hard enough trying to figure out feelings in general.





“Chasing Her Soul” on Webtoon:

“All I wanted was a normal life but now the ghost of the girl I liked in high school is haunting me as a shower!” Life is a strange thing. No one truly understands it and not everyone is truly grateful for it. But, no matter how hard yours is, it is a gift you should never squander or throw away. Life is precious, so, please … hold on to it.

Features: male lead with schizophrenia/depression & identifies as bisexual, female lead with depression/anxiety [upcoming characters: secondary latino male character with autism & identifies as aroace, secondary female character with prosthetic legs]

art by (mod kai) @an-xi-ety


Page 138!  Inks by Will, colors by Angie! 🙂  Gotta love those eureka moments.

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Hey, I'm looking for a comic that explains really well why aces belong in the lgbt community. I know there were flags, and the ace person might have been tugging on them? I forget. But the heteros said the normal things they do when we come out as ace, and the lgbt folks said the same things they normally say when we come out as ace. I don't know how helpful this is, but…?

I can’t find or think of it, sorry. Can anyone help them out?


Shameless! 2018.

To clarify: the words for shame (häpeä) and second-hand embarrassment (myötähäpeä) are heavily connected in my native language, which is what sparked this conversation.

I have a rather strained relationship with my mother, to put it simply. I’m almost 30 and she still uses shame tactics to try and control me just like when I was small. I often heard things like “I can’t bring you anywhere because you embarrass us” and “you should be ashamed” while growing up, and if I protested, I was told how difficult I was. I still hear that from her regularly, and she always masks it as just worry to make me look like the bad guy. But: concern or worry doesn’t justify abuse, ever, not in any situation.


When I started high school, but not menstruation, they said I was ‘just a late bloomer.’

When I started college but not dating, they said I was ‘just a late bloomer.’

When I said I was asexual, they said I was ‘just a late bloomer.’

‘No,’ I said, ‘I’m a fucking cactus and *if* I bloom, I’ll do it on my own schedule.’


Here’s a comic I made about identifying as asexual and aromantic! I made it for an anthology which ended up falling through, so I thought it would be a good idea to post it on Valentine’s Day.

Take care of yourselves out there!