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Hi! I'm writing an article in school on how Valentine's Day can an uncomfortable day of Asexual/Aromantic people and how love doesn't have to be sexual/romantic. Do you know anywhere I can find sources? Thank you for your assistance.

Do you mean, like people to talk to or other articles you can reference? 

Personally, I’m aroace and I love Valentine’s Day. I see it as a nice day to show appreciation for all the people you love, not just romantic partners. People are usually in good moods that day, pink is my favorite color, everything is cute, I’m a designer so i enjoy seeing a well designed card, and of course all the chocolate and candy! I also like to get friends and family members little gifts, like stuffed animals, cards, and candy. 


Followers! What are your feelings about Valentine’s day? 💜 🖤💟💛 💚