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queer-moods: purple + alien asexual moodboard


purple + alien asexual moodboard

thesnakesstuff: Some LGBT succulents~


Some LGBT succulents~

More to come


vyscera: ✧ Do you wanna believe? Then thes…



Do you wanna believe? Then these designs are for you!

Click the links below for a mug, shirt, sticker, ect

gay trans bi pan poly demi ace aro genderqueer nonbinary demigirl demiboy

agender new: lesbian genderfluid genderflux

EDIT: at request, here’s also a design for the genderfluid, lesbian, and genderflux flags !

idgafwebseries: Hi guys!



Hi guys!

So IDGAF has just entered be in Stareable’s weekend pitch party! Winning gives us a chance to be featured in their newsletter which gives us a chance at having even MORE exposure and donors. All you have to do to help us accomplish this is go to the link provided below and LIKE the video! If you plan to share it with other friends and family make sure they like the original video as well and not the post that you share it on. It’s the only way the votes can count!

We’d really appreciate you guys helping us do this! Thank you thank you thank you!

a-lot-of-questions: Asexual Christmas tree 💜


Asexual Christmas tree 💜

scentedwinnerperson: Kolkata Rainbow Pride W…


Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk 2017 🏳️‍🌈

a-teen-who: Asexual and aromantic people exis…


Asexual and aromantic people exist and they are valid! Don’t let anyone tell you that your sexual and/or romantic orientation is stupid or that it doesn’t make sense. You are valid and you have the right to be respected.



asexual owl for Idoeseverything



Some parent: It’s just a phase, you’ll grow out of it!

p4creations: Four of a Kind: 26Four of a Kind is back, with…


Four of a Kind: 26

Four of a Kind is back, with it’s 26th Edition!

We’re going to be doing everything digital now, so I hope you like the new art style.

I hope this project can continue for the majority of P4’s run. As I think there are so many asexual perspectives out there and no one perspective is the same, or any less significant than the other. Our community is the lovely patchwork of varying individuals and I hope this project can always put that on full display!

❦ Grace Procella

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