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Calling all aro/ace illustrators!

I’ve made this blog in hopes of curating a zine an by, for, and about aromantics and asexuals. Short term goal is the have a completed digital zine by the end of the year, long term goal is to make the zine serialized and eventually available in physical form.

 More details about the project will be posted in the near future but for the time being I just wanted to throw a line out there and see if there are any illustrators interested in submitting comics. 

Follow along to get project updates or you can message me with any questions.

Let me know what you think!


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original post

right sorry for the confusion. here’s an updated comic:

[Image: The genie comic edited so that the person says “I wish ace people were a part of the lgbt community.” The genie says “it is done". The person looks down saying “Nothing’s changed.”, to which the genie responds “Correct.”

The update is the same except the first line is “I wish all ace people were a part of the lgbt community.”]

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“The first Gay Pride flag was made in 1978 by a man named Gilbert Baker. He gave a meaning to each color.”

Beginners (2010) – Directed by Mike Mills

sapphogirls: Sapphic Mother’s Day


Sapphic Mother’s Day

What Mother’s Day Is Like When You’re A Trans …

What Mother’s Day Is Like When You’re A Trans Mom:


“It’s never been easy raising three children, even when they had a mom and a dad. For one parent—a widow? How about a mom whose kids call her ‘Dad’?

“… This bright boy of mine turned to me, clasped my hand, and whispered: ‘I know Mom would love this. She was the best mom ever. But I want you to know, you’re doing a really good job as a mom, Dad.’ 

“It’s from that, more than anything, that I draw the distinction of mom being my job and it being my name. And it is from my children that I draw my strength on this Mother’s Day. And everyday.”

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.





THEY INCLUDED ASEXUALS!!  I went to an exhibit…


It looked really pretty! *u*

Some flags! 

A little bit of history 😀

I just loved this 

This is in México by the way, the exhibition ends in June!
Have a lovely day, lovely people! \(^◡^ )/

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I really wanna go to pride for the first time and if I get to I’m going all out!🌈♣️

(Aka I’m really excited to be gay among other gays)

(aka aka I wanted to practice new brushes sorry not sorry)



Coming out to my dad

Hey guys. As you know I’m Pan and Asexual. A month ago I came out (as Bi but I did a little more research and I’m Pan but you know what I mean) to the one person that would support me and my journey of being Pan and Asexual. That person is my dad.

When I came out to my dad, I was crying , afraid of what his reaction was going to be. When I finished coming out he pulled me into a hug and said “Ang..I’ll love you know matter what. I’m going to support you with whatever you do.” I cried some more because I was so afraid he wouldn’t love me or accept me anymore. And we talked about who knew and stuff. Then he walked out of my room to let me pull myself together until I heard my mom start yelling.

My mom listend to our conversation outside of my bedroom door. And she was not having it. She didn’t accept me, (and that was also the day I started dating my girlfriend.) She started saying I was raised straight and she was raised straight. It was horrible. My dad defended and saying “THATS OUR DAUGHTER!” And “SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!” I stared crying again because it hurt me when I heard her say it.

I was still crying when my dad walked back into my room and he just hugged me. Telling me it will be ok.

I’m happy my dad accepts me and supports this. I’m going to be ordering the Pan and Asexual flags soon from amazon. And going to pride this year(hopefully)

If anyone of my followers need advice on how to come out or anything feel free to dm or send a message through my ask box.

And I have social media links where I’ll link in the next part.

Remember that you are loved and valid. 💖