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Happy Mother’s Day to all the LGBTQIA+ moms out there! I hope you all enjoy your day with your kids and the rest of the family and friends you want to spend the day with!! 


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LGBT bracelets now available in my Storenvy!

Individually hand woven with colours available in gay, bi, and ace pride colours 🙂

Each bracelet cost     $8

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Happy #TransDayOfVisibility to my trans siblings out there! Have a wonderful day and keep being amazing!!

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So I know it can be hard to find good original m/m specifically by category. Some publishers offer tagging systems and some don’t.

QueerRomanceInk is a database (free for readers) that allows you to search original published m/m by a lot of different categories, including orientations like asexual and non-binary, tropes and potential trigger warnings. It’s very fandom friendly re: search parameters.

It’s gaining momentum in the m/m world and will be very helpful given so much quality m/m is actually self-published these days and therefore very hard to find (especially given the implosion of Riptide Publishing in the meantime).

But it’ll only get better if folks check it out! So if you’re someone who is interested in having a place to have a to-be-read and favourite authors list, get notifications for books on sale and new books by fave authors, and don’t want the entrenched drama that is GoodReads, I highly recommend you check it out!

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Excited to announce that the pride dice range is all restocked, including a new line of Pan pride dice! Every set is slightly unique and stock is very limited  so get ‘em before they’re gone ♥

LGBTQ+: The Mental Effects of Not Being Accept…


In the Closet

When it came to the word “gay”, my neighborhood was pretty conservative. I grew up in Catholic schools, and not much was discussed about the topic of homosexuality. All I was ever told by my ever-accepting teachers was that it was okay nowadays to be gay; the person just couldn’t act on it. Then it would be a sin. Being thirteen years old and discovering online pornography for the first time, I had no idea how to come out of my teens without causing myself eternal damnation.

I separated myself from homosexuality as far as I could when I got to high school. I was tired of feeling different than everyone else and I just wanted to belong. I walked with my legs farther apart, and I made sure I didn’t talk with limp wrists. I agreed when people when they said math class was gay, or that someone else was a “fag”.

The closet was killing my spirit. But it was either keep up the charade or disappoint my parents; my dad, who made fun of transgender people and feminine gay men regularly, and my mom who just wasn’t buying that bisexuality stuff. I was gonna have a wife and naturally born children if it killed me.

This all ended of course, when I met Derrick.

My First Boyfriend

My best friend (who I knew wanted to date me) had introduced the two of us in my last year of high school. Derrick was…..

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gradientlair: A Zine On Asexuality


A Zine On Asexuality

“Taking The Cake” is an illustrated zine and 101 about asexuality, created by Maisha in 2012. It includes the basic definitions, some of the nuances of asexuality, explains the types of attraction that exist (not all attraction is sexual), dispels myths, includes resources and takes on the topic of whether asexuality is included in the queer community or not. Some say no, some say yes. Anyway, very helpful information and the artwork is exquisite. You see that Black woman on the cover! ♥♠

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hello! Would anyone be interested in supporting us? We are going to be selling our shirts for $25.00. Please message me if you are!

The back of the shirts say supporter on them!

Hey guys so there’s this really cool group of people attempting to start up something called “The Normal Project,” which will be a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The first issue of their magazine comes out in January, and it would be super neat if y’all would help support them! Their website is and you can find them here on Tumblr @thenormmagazine. In addition to a magazine, they will be doing tons of other cool things like selling merch (such as the T-shirt idea above) and opening a discussion forum on their site. Once again, this is by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, for the LGBTQIA+ community. Please please please support these awesome people and help get their project up and running! 🙂