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Hi! I just added a new addition to my comic "The Aces Hi!"

cool! I’ll queue up a couple of your comics! 

Are there any resources for figuring out if you're aromantic? I don't know how to tell. I mean, I get what I call crushes, but I get them on any guy who pays attention to me. And then if I ask myself if I want to kiss them or hug them, I realise I don't. But I still like the idea of dating? I want to date (or just become better friends with?) guys that pay attention to me, and date (but really just stare at) attractive guys. I already know I'm ace too. Do you know of anything that could help?

I know that feel. I like it when people pay attention to me and complement me, which was a tad confusing when I first figure out my aromanticism. There’s also aesthetic attraction, where you just like the way someone looks, that can often be confused for a crush. Like, you stated, I asked myself if I was ever interested in kissing or holding hands with anyone, and I realized I didn’t want that at all. But I’m romance repulsed and don’t like people touching me in general, where you might not be. Arospec people dating is fairly uncommon but not unheard of. They can be romantic, sexual, sensual, platonic, etc. It’s up to you to figure out and we learn best about what we like and don’t like from experience. Though, I do recommend telling any partner that you’re aromantic and/or asexual before you start a relationship, just so they know and can decide if they are okay with possible limitations you might set. 

I find that it helps to do research on aromanticism by looking through aromantic blogs, AVEN, aromantic reddit, and videos by arospec people discussing their orientation.

Is aflexible a thing? Like homoflexible but when you’re ace? I’m not but I just had this thought.

Hmm, I don’t know about aflexable, but aceflux and aroflux are a thing. 

Ace/aroflux: Aceflux  describes someone whose experience of sexual attraction varies over time. Someone who is aceflux, for example, may feel very strongly asexual one day (definitely not feeling any sexual attraction to anyone), but less strongly asexual (maybe feeling weak sexual attraction) another day.

Hey so how do I know if i'm actually Ace or if I'm just Demi and haven't found the right person? Because I keep second guessing myself and I think I'm Ace but I really don't know because maybe I haven't met the right person?

As a chronic worrier, I get that this might be hard, but the best thing you can do right now is try not to dwell on it. A lot of demi folk identified as asexual before they found that person they felt something sexual for. And it’s totally fine to change labels if you feel that the old one no longer fits. However, you can’t predict the future so just live your life and if that person comes along for you, great! If not, that’s great too! You don’t need to feel sexual attraction to be a complete person.

Hi I have identified as homoflexible for a few months I'm not sure if I'm using the correct identity. I'm a female who can be attracted to any female weather sexual of romantic but I can only feel romantic attraction to males.i hope can help me truly find myself.

Definition: Homoflexible is someone who is primarily attracted to members of the same sex. But can garner pleasure from romantic encounters, and is sometimes attracted to, members of the opposite sex.

So yeah, that sounds about right. You could also probably id as bi with a preference for women, if you wanted to. It’s just what ever you’re more comfortable with.

Hey, my name is Tobi, and I have been dating a gray-ace male for a year now. I'm finding that I myself am having a hard time understanding what I 'want' as far as sex. Its like my mind and body never really agree and always fight. Like my mind will say yes, and that it sounds good, and my body will say no it doesn't want to. It also occurs that my body says yes, but my mind says fuck no. I'm just not sure where I fit or what to do.

Hey, sorry for the (super) late response. Have you looked into 

Autochorissexuality/Aegosexual? It’s The disconnection between oneself and the target or object of arousal. May involve sexual fantasies or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacking any desire to be a participant in the sexual activities.

Here’s a link to a blog post talking about it   



Look guys! a bus for Aces!
*Starts walking to the bus stop*
Idk where we’re going but we’re going together! 😀

Even the colours fit, lmao

unpopular opinion: as an ace, I don’t really like cake that much😬

oooooooo I’m telling… 
no one because you are a strong independent ace who don’t need no cake! 

I'm 27 and ace… i had a pre-job medical checkup and during the psych eval, the therapist asked if i had a boyfriend (i don't). Then, she asked if i had ever had one.(i haven't). She was surprised by this and asked if I had ever had sex. I told her the truth – I haven't. (She clarified that this wasn't related to the eval) and asked me if it was because of religion, because apparently that's the only acceptable reason not to have sex. She told me that i had to 'get some soon' when I left…UGH!


I always feel like I can't reblog ace positive or ace inclusive stuff because it's "cringe" right now on this website. I see posts making fun of anyone not a lesbian, gay, or bi all the time and it's so upsetting…

Man, fuck that “cringe culture” bullshit. Those people are just edge lord assholes who think that people can’t be enthusiastic about their interests, that identities that they hadn’t heard of aren’t real, and mock young artists for not having the most polished artwork. But who are they to judge anyone? 

Your existence and your interests are NOT “cringey”. You are not hurting anyone by just being yourself. Reblog as much ace stuff as you want, anon. It’s your blog and your life.