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Happy Mother’s Day to all the LGBTQIA+ moms out there! I hope you all enjoy your day with your kids and the rest of the family and friends you want to spend the day with!! 




What a beautiful Mother’s Day to respect trans mothers



love today to all my LGBTQ+ siblings who can’t celebrate Mother’s Day with their families because of unacceptance and intolerance, or for whom Mother’s Day brings up complicated feelings about their moms. we don’t always get to have the greatest relationships with our biological families, but please know that whether you celebrate or not, or whether you’re spending the day with your biological family or your chosen family or just your pets and Netflix, you are so loved. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

What Mother’s Day Is Like When You’re A Trans …

What Mother’s Day Is Like When You’re A Trans Mom:


“It’s never been easy raising three children, even when they had a mom and a dad. For one parent—a widow? How about a mom whose kids call her ‘Dad’?

“… This bright boy of mine turned to me, clasped my hand, and whispered: ‘I know Mom would love this. She was the best mom ever. But I want you to know, you’re doing a really good job as a mom, Dad.’ 

“It’s from that, more than anything, that I draw the distinction of mom being my job and it being my name. And it is from my children that I draw my strength on this Mother’s Day. And everyday.”

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.



To all the ace/aro kids who have unsupportive moms

To all the ace/aro kids who don’t have moms

To all the ace/aro kids who don’t want to recognize their moms today

I will be your mom