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I always wanted to submit this so here ya go! I hope you like it 😀

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all the current vaporwave flags ive made!

tag me if you used!

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Coming out to my dad

Hey guys. As you know I’m Pan and Asexual. A month ago I came out (as Bi but I did a little more research and I’m Pan but you know what I mean) to the one person that would support me and my journey of being Pan and Asexual. That person is my dad.

When I came out to my dad, I was crying , afraid of what his reaction was going to be. When I finished coming out he pulled me into a hug and said “Ang..I’ll love you know matter what. I’m going to support you with whatever you do.” I cried some more because I was so afraid he wouldn’t love me or accept me anymore. And we talked about who knew and stuff. Then he walked out of my room to let me pull myself together until I heard my mom start yelling.

My mom listend to our conversation outside of my bedroom door. And she was not having it. She didn’t accept me, (and that was also the day I started dating my girlfriend.) She started saying I was raised straight and she was raised straight. It was horrible. My dad defended and saying “THATS OUR DAUGHTER!” And “SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!” I stared crying again because it hurt me when I heard her say it.

I was still crying when my dad walked back into my room and he just hugged me. Telling me it will be ok.

I’m happy my dad accepts me and supports this. I’m going to be ordering the Pan and Asexual flags soon from amazon. And going to pride this year(hopefully)

If anyone of my followers need advice on how to come out or anything feel free to dm or send a message through my ask box.

And I have social media links where I’ll link in the next part.

Remember that you are loved and valid. 💖

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(Picture descriptions under the cut)

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Trans, Pan, Bi, and Ace! Little felt pride patches ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 (I didn’t have enough felt colours for the rainbow!)
#lgbt #transgender #pansexual #bisexual #asexual

thesnakesstuff: Some LGBT succulents~


Some LGBT succulents~

More to come


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Do you wanna believe? Then these designs are for you!

Click the links below for a mug, shirt, sticker, ect

gay trans bi pan poly demi ace aro genderqueer nonbinary demigirl demiboy

agender new: lesbian genderfluid genderflux

EDIT: at request, here’s also a design for the genderfluid, lesbian, and genderflux flags !

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Hi guys!

So IDGAF has just entered be in Stareable’s weekend pitch party! Winning gives us a chance to be featured in their newsletter which gives us a chance at having even MORE exposure and donors. All you have to do to help us accomplish this is go to the link provided below and LIKE the video! If you plan to share it with other friends and family make sure they like the original video as well and not the post that you share it on. It’s the only way the votes can count!

We’d really appreciate you guys helping us do this! Thank you thank you thank you!

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I made a series of images detailing the rainbow or pride flags commonly (and sometimes not commonly) seen, with simple definitions for each. I hope I covered everyone!

(PART 1 OF 3)

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Nightengale Needles has fully restocked our Pride Cat Loaflings!

Just in time for Christmas shipping, we’ve restocked our incredibly popular White, Grey, and Black Pride Cat shoulder pets!

With the flag of your choice on their tummy and tail, these ultra-soft critters are stuffed floppy and weighted with bead fill to ride on your shoulder, your head, or drape just about anywhere you please.

There’s more! By popular request, we’ve also added Genderqueer and Genderfluid to our flag selection for these critters! That’s 8 flags to choose from now!

These little guys SELL OUT FAST so make sure you order early if you want them in time for your special holiday someone!

Available on our Etsy!