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[link to the article] Scrolling through my phone I just saw this and as an aro/ace that wants to have children one day it made me so happy. A magazine I follow also made a story about co-parenting in my country (Brazil) and how people are meeting in sites in order to raise a child together without romance and sex and things like this makes me so happy.

This is so damn cool.

This is freaking awesome!!!!


✨ shout out to fat a-specs ✨ you did not choose to be a-spec because those around you find you “unloveable” or “undesirable” ✨ fatphobia + aphobia creates a vile and nasty intersectionality of hate and body/identity policing ✨

✨ I’m proud of you, for simply being you in a society where people must be available and attractive according to strict standard ✨and your only voice of allyship is “that’s not true, I’d f*ck them” (which fetishizes all fat people, sexualuzes fat ace-spec people, and erases fat aro-spec people) ✨

✨ fat is not a bad word ✨ and you’re not bad for being fat and a-spec ✨


You can be asexual and still want to have children. You can already be a parent and be asexual.


You’re not selfish for wanting a relationship that respects whatever repulsions you have.


[Image Description: A vertical row of four color blocks in varying shades of orange with text that reads “questioning does not have a time frame” / “there’s no rush to find a label” / “don’t feel pressured to figure it all out now” / “take all the time you need”]


When you’re reading some fanfic and there’s a random demisexual character


Aspec men are absolutely marvelous and I wish them a happy spring!

(And yes, this absolutely includes trans and non-binary men!)