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Vegetable Love

This is a poem that I wrote that will be in my book when I finish writing it and is about my asexuality, encountering acephobia from a classmate, and me trying to communicate that platonic love, is a thing and that it can be just as powerful and important, if not more so, as romantic or sexual love, and also my relationship with my friends. I want people to understand that there are many kinds of love. All of them being valid and beautiful.

A boy in my class told a tale of how he and another made love in their kitchen

How together they blended peach and banana into a sultry smoothie

How they knocked everything off the countertops

Made a huge mess that they had to clean up later

I smiled

I told him of how I too made love in my kitchen

With a group of my friends

How we made pesto sauce with heavy whipping cream

to put on our asparagus and tortellini

I said,

Unlike you, I left my mess

I left everything on the counters;

because I was too lazy to clean it up


I know, I’m dirty

My love isn’t at all like his

It isn’t chocolate covered strawberries

It’s more of a ripe, red tomato

It’s vegetative

My love isn’t kept for a special someone

My love is to be shared with all of my friends

My friends and I

We’re about that tough love

Together we sprouted from the dirt

We’re crisp and cool

The cream of the crop

Call us the cabbage patch kids

Our love is ingrained and deep rooted

Without romance, just romaine

We’re peas in a pod

Not horny, just corny

We Netflix and Chill in the best way,

like the couch potatoes that we are

We cut it up in the garden

We turnip to our own beet

Our friendship flourishes under the sun

Our love a sweet potato so sweet

The boy in my class told me that I am a prude prune

That my kind of love isn’t the real kind of love

That it’s not fervent, not fruitful

Told me that there should be an apple of my eye

That I should want to peel its skin and juice it

That I am condemning myself to the life of a lonely lemon

I reply,

There’s no need to be such a rutabaga

I yam who I yam

And while there’s no apple for my eyes,

My friends are the tomato in my chest

They are my garden,

And when you have a garden, you are never alone

My love is the real dill

And if you can’t see that,

Then maybe you should get to know a carrot or two

And here’s some food for thought

Lettuce toss our salads in our own way

Love isn’t always like an orchard

Not always picked and peeled fruit

Not always plowed earth and planted seed

Sometimes love is like my kind of love

Inviting friends over for dinner

Sitting at a table spread with fresh produce

Enamored by everyone’s 24 carrot smiles

Feeling full

Not wanting to eat anything

Or anyone

Thank you, if you’ve read this. I’m quite new to the writing world and I accept criticism and suggestions.


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I really wanna go to pride for the first time and if I get to I’m going all out!🌈♣️

(Aka I’m really excited to be gay among other gays)

(aka aka I wanted to practice new brushes sorry not sorry)


Coming out to my dad

Hey guys. As you know I’m Pan and Asexual. A month ago I came out (as Bi but I did a little more research and I’m Pan but you know what I mean) to the one person that would support me and my journey of being Pan and Asexual. That person is my dad.

When I came out to my dad, I was crying , afraid of what his reaction was going to be. When I finished coming out he pulled me into a hug and said “Ang..I’ll love you know matter what. I’m going to support you with whatever you do.” I cried some more because I was so afraid he wouldn’t love me or accept me anymore. And we talked about who knew and stuff. Then he walked out of my room to let me pull myself together until I heard my mom start yelling.

My mom listend to our conversation outside of my bedroom door. And she was not having it. She didn’t accept me, (and that was also the day I started dating my girlfriend.) She started saying I was raised straight and she was raised straight. It was horrible. My dad defended and saying “THATS OUR DAUGHTER!” And “SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!” I stared crying again because it hurt me when I heard her say it.

I was still crying when my dad walked back into my room and he just hugged me. Telling me it will be ok.

I’m happy my dad accepts me and supports this. I’m going to be ordering the Pan and Asexual flags soon from amazon. And going to pride this year(hopefully)

If anyone of my followers need advice on how to come out or anything feel free to dm or send a message through my ask box.

And I have social media links where I’ll link in the next part.

Remember that you are loved and valid. 💖


lesbian ace + snakes + crowns + flowers aesthetic~

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Hey guys so there’s this really cool group of people attempting to start up something called “The Normal Project,” which will be a safe space for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The first issue of their magazine comes out in January, and it would be super neat if y’all would help support them! Their website is and you can find them here on Tumblr @thenormmagazine. In addition to a magazine, they will be doing tons of other cool things like selling merch (such as the T-shirt idea above) and opening a discussion forum on their site. Once again, this is by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, for the LGBTQIA+ community. Please please please support these awesome people and help get their project up and running! 🙂


Finally got around to an Agender flag! I’m very happy with how this turned out. Especially since the last design I did with this only had three colors and looked very different.

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Hi hi, I’m trying out redbubble for making some pride merch!  More stuff to come eventually.