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The best T. rex is nonbinary, guys!!!

I support them



Some things to make clear;

Not experiencing romantic attraction or love is not the same thing as “not caring”. 

Not experiencing romantic attraction or love is not the same thing as “lacking empathy”, with a corollary that having no, or low, empathy, is not a bad thing.

Sexual relationships do not require romantic elements in order to be valid, meaningful, or important to you.

A sexual relationship not having romantic elements does not mean it is abusive, and, similarly, romantic elements do not necessarily make a relationship non-abusive.

Aromantic people are not necessarily even interested in sexual relationships, long or short term, regardless of whether they are allosexual. 

It’s possible to have long-lasting intimate sexual relationships with people without it being romantic.

Intimacy and romance are not the same thing.

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Pattern edit for all of you beautiful demigirls 💖



A minimalist aesthetic for myself to remind me that I am allowed to choose my own happiness.



ace pride fox <3

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this sapphic is aroace and loves sharks

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Pride-themed soaps are now on-sale!

These bar soaps are organic, all-natural, homemade handcrafted soap using shea butter and coconut oil. The series features five different decaled bar soaps, based off of different lgbt+ figures of lore.

The soaps also come in specific scents dedicated to lgbt+ identities, including;

  • Sapphic scent ‘Isle Of Lesbos’ (Bulgarian Rose, Green Cognac, Geranium, Baslam Peru, and Vanilla) 
  • Nonbinary scent ‘Balathang’ (Tea Tree, Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Ylang Ylang)
  • Pansexual scent ‘Hi’iaka’ (Honeysuckle, Orange, Lime, Ylang Ylang)
  • Queerplatonic Pride scent ‘Gautama’ (Mint, Bamboo, Jasmine)

Gift your significant other with a soap celebrating a little luxury in your pride!

Shop on etsy!

Dating While Asexual


We’ve recently received an influx of asks for asexual dating advice, and it came to my attention that there’s not many how-tos on tackling the dating world as an asexual. There exists a couple of ‘how to date an asexual’ posts, but as far as we know, there’s not a lot of posts intended for the opposite party.

This is by no means a conclusive list of how-tos. Ideally, there should exist multiple resources for aces to consult. Sadly, that’s not the case. But my addition will contribute to what I hope will become a more helpful, more inclusive asexual resource world.

(Disclaimer; I’ve only been dating while openly asexual for about eight months. I’ve dated beforehand, but I identified as bisexual at the time. However, I’ve gathered up a few tips and tricks that I think could help those in need of some asexual guidance. If you have any questions, feel free to hit up fuckyeahasexual’s ask box. Or, if you want lesser ask traffic, you can hop over to my personal, millenniumfae.)

So, you wanna date while asexual! Good for you! No, seriously. It’s a brave decision, and one not lightly made. But maybe you’ve got a couple nagging doubts. Maybe you’ve never done this before. Maybe you wonder if you’ll ever be accepted for who you are. Maybe you worry about keeping yourself safe. These are all totally legit concerns, and you can address them.

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You’re allowed to have fun with your a-spec orientation. You’re allowed to post pride art and get stickers and make jokes. You’re allowed to enjoy being a-spec.